Entrepreneurs who are talking about their products is also pretty fight

brand propaganda nowhere, big to a variety of TV ads, small to micro-blog scripts, which can be used to be used by the smart business. Now it is more popular for a model of their own products for their own endorsements, the following few entrepreneurs who do not endorse their products when the full screen.

in the national conference, Lei Jun Leng is holding self artifact with millet Note self timer, and set out the "scissors" to sell adorable gesture, coupled with his own funny smile, there are many points to millet Note. And he really can do this kind of action at the image of life with their own products endorsement.

casually mentioning, Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun is only big endorsements in the ranks of the bright younger generation, truly the originator should be jumei.com Chen Europe, followed by ad template Chen EC jump red network.

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