Guizhou for the first time using entrepreneurial contest project promotion model

is now a popular era of entrepreneurship, in such a new era, everywhere in innovation and Entrepreneurship such a   the banner above to do the article, at the same time, have organized a series of business competition, to promote people to entrepreneurship.

To build a well-known enterprises at home and abroad, a venture capital company and industry experts exchange platform for

in Guizhou for the first time the "entrepreneurial contest + project promotion mode, in the promotion conference, the team will get more practical support. In the past, the participating teams, especially those who did not win the team, after the end of the competition did not achieve a good promotion of the project. This time, the first time in Guizhou entrepreneurship contest to promote the introduction of the link, in the promotion meeting, the team leader first of all on their own projects for 5 minutes to explain the PPT, and then accept the question of expert judges. To show their projects to investors and experts in the roadshow form, can let the team get corresponding improvements, broaden the entrepreneurs friends, effectively promote the implementation of the project, can even have more financing channels. To participate in the China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition team in the creation of a platform for the creation of public space roadshow, is conducive to the formation of a good atmosphere of innovation. Promotion respectively by "create + joint workshop" and "Ecomagination + dream factory", "the new three line of coffee" and "liberal multi-creation space" the four Guizhou multi-creation space contractors.

The first phase of

promotion will be formally at 10 days, four days, 40 teams are selected from participate into the re China in innovation and entrepreneurship competition Guizhou division.

by "entrepreneurial contest + project promotion" can be said to be a kind of new business model, at the same time, it also brings some good business projects will be a lot of entrepreneurs, so as to promote the success rate of entrepreneurship and the enthusiasm of the people.


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