How to open a whole of durian dessert

now the choice of business space is very large, no matter what kind of business we choose to do, we need to analyze such an opportunity. In short, only clear to such business opportunities in the end what kind of advantages, the market situation, how to profit, it can determine whether the investment. So, how about opening a Durian dessert? Let Xiaobian and everyone together to know.

project introduction

The main

features durian dessert with fresh durian meat as the main raw material of the dessert is durian as the main ingredients, not to add any additives and preservatives, pure milk Handmade, collocation of fresh auxiliary processing system using a unique, unique formula and independent research and development to make a unique "Durian dessert" the type of dessert shop franchise.

project advantage

1. wide range of products, customers choose more.

how about opening a Durian dessert? Durian dessert with fresh durian as the main raw material, the store has a number of product lines and a variety of desserts, single product, sales of durian dessert include: Durian, durian, durian ball Tiramisu tea, snow capped mountains, durian durian pudding 12 flagship durian products. In order to provide customers with a variety of durian food at the same time, to meet the diverse needs of consumers dining, so that it has more choice. In addition, the company headquarters attaches great importance to the durian nutritional value of each quarter, the development of new products, to ensure the operator a year round stock, leisurely surprise dessert.

2. one-stop delivery guarantee low.

how about opening a Durian dessert? Durian dessert joined the headquarters has a senior chain operations team, to create a one-stop operation and service system: with the industry’s unique raw material distribution and R & D center to ensure the distribution of durian raw materials and logistics. Direct distribution of raw materials to ensure that although the dessert durian raw materials into which, but the price is still at a low level of similar products. Meet the low consumption of consumers, the desire to enjoy high-end.

how about opening a Durian dessert? Strong management service team to provide strong support and protection, ultra fast logistics experience for the franchisee to save a lot of money and time. In addition, from consulting to shop, according to different links have different professionals to provide guidance for the franchisee, all department headquarters to provide customer service system and customer service service in each stage of professional to join, the hardware and software specifications, let the franchisee shop quickly. So that there is no experience in food and beverage entrepreneurs can worry about entrepreneurship, worry free choice.

market analysis

how about opening a Durian dessert? According to statistics, China 2018 recommended

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