Silver stores need to pay attention to what the whole

silver by the moment a lot of consumers love, if you want to open a silver shop, then, to pay attention to what the problem? Xiaobian this situation for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can help shop.

silver jewelry stores to visit the surrounding environment. With the pre selection of the shop location, the second step is to inspect its surrounding environment, then use the perspective of the two to observe, silver shop to pay attention to what? A: what is the business point of signs that the site can create performance? The lot of the fixed population consumption rate? Secondly, from the perspective of the customer: will you be here here shopping shopping? What have people


gold lots have corners of the corner, there are also popular shopping district. Silver jewelry store location is the most taboo to see other people succeed, silver jewelry store to pay attention to what? To copy a shop next door. Pick the place to determine the flow direction and flow. You have to know where to go, not just to be there.

silver jewelry stores, in the target area for statistics. Silver jewelry store to pay attention to what? Calculate the flow of people in all the time, the number of people entering the vicinity of the statistics, and at least on weekdays and weekends count. In order to know the distribution of flow. In this way, you can know that you want to open the silver shop effective customers and potential customers may account for a few of the total traffic.

to choose a good neighbor, a good neighbor will give you a lot of help. Silver jewelry store to pay attention to what? Customers will think that the quality of the goods is very similar to each other, so it is important to be located in the same location as a similar or related brand. For example, we are in large shopping malls or supermarkets next to the silver shop, then patronize these places customers will be attracted to our store.

silver jewelry store to choose the location, to understand the details of many. You can’t judge only by subjective. Because in many places business is not necessarily good. Different regions, according to the specific market trends to choose the location of the store to shop, in-depth investigation, in-depth analysis, only the silver shop to choose the right shop, the business can be hot.

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