The National Wetland Park started construction

    expert evaluation results showed that the ecological construction of Qinghai people after 9 years of hard, ecological environment of the source region of Sanjiang has a new improved, and has achieved five.
in the edifice, the lung of the city, wetlands, along the Huangshui River, Beichuan River and extend on my kailai! The planning area of 508.70 hectares of the total area, which belongs to the Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park (pilot) range. Reporters from the just listed Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park Management Center was informed that the current Xining Huangshui National Wetland Park (pilot) construction has already started.
I will be in accordance with the construction of the water into the city, wetland ecological culture and regional culture exhibition platform, the harmonious coexistence between man and nature of the ecological park ", National Wetland Park Construction of a financial ecological protection, science education, culture, tourism and other functions in one. According to the plan, the Huangshui River, the city of Beichuan river all belong to Xining Huangshui River National Wetland Park (pilot), after the completion of the park, the public can walk into the Wetland Park, walk along the two rivers, listening to the birds chirping, here will become the public water platform, a good place for leisure and entertainment.
as soon as possible to let Ning Lake Wetland to meet with the public

a water park such as gem

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