n Xining ended Chinese innovation contest Qinghai division finals day ago

(the network reporter Cui Yongtao reports) recently, Chinese innovation contest Qinghai division finals ended in Xining. Qinghai Wade Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the 15 participating enterprises stand out, was recommended to participate in the second China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition national tournament, the company is also the only one in our province to promote the national semi-finals of the enterprise.

in June this year, the Qinghai Provincial Department of science and technology began preparations for the China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition Qinghai division work, has organized the mobilization of the contest, the training will be. As of 25 July, 20 enterprises have entered the competition, after the primaries, the regional tournament preliminaries, semi-finals, the final 15 companies qualify for the Chinese contest of innovation and entrepreneurship talent shows itself, Qinghai division finals.

China Innovation and entrepreneurship contest Qinghai division finals to take the business respondent, expert scoring, the site published in the form of. The final is divided into growth and enterprise groups, covering biomedical, new materials, resources and environment, new energy and energy efficiency and other fields. The game, the 15 participating enterprises have to judge the expert show enterprise technology and products, the competition adhere to fair, just and open principles, scored according to the experts, were decided at the 1 Division in Qinghai province first prize, two prize 2, third-prize 3 and 7 outstanding awards.

according to the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Organizing Committee requirements, Qinghai division won the first prize in the enterprise Qinghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was named to participate in the second China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition national semi-finals. At present, Qinghai province science and Technology Department of Qinghai joint venture in Kunlun Cci Capital Ltd to wade Kingsway company to carry out due diligence work, guide enterprises to prepare materials in accordance with the requirements of the race on time.

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