Chase silver snow season winter tourism new energy release

The goals of the development of cultural tourism

Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Based on the construction of natural scenery and ethnic customs tourism resort, relying on resources, innovative ideas, carried out the first winter series recreational cultural and ecological tourism activities in the province, a useful attempt for the release of the new winter tourism.

Datong play the advantages of natural resources to carry out the beautiful landscape of Datong, "as the theme of the" silver snow season ", · in Qinghai; the first kite ditch Linhaixueyuan Ice Festival as an opportunity to actively carry out 2013 of the province’s first chase kite ditch crossing and Linhai" style of kite ditch photography collection activity, full of snow the winter to build cultural tourism, cultural tourism in the County opened a new chapter in winter. In the modern agricultural base held spring flower show, allowing visitors to participate in the fruits and vegetables picking activities, feel the magic power of science and technology, experience the fun of leisure agriculture. In order to protect the heritage of folk and ethnic culture, national culture and art exhibition Datong bright and colorful and dazzling folk culture and art as the goal, the book exhibition, shadow performances, folk singing moved to modern agricultural base.

Spring Festival cultural activities also add a touch of color to the winter cultural tourism. During the Lantern Festival, the 12 groups of large modeling lights, 16 groups of large enterprises and the lights of the 780 string lights will be the county people’s road disguised as a colorful world. At the beginning of the month is ten to fourteen, the county 20 excellent fire team will go to the county a total of 40 field performances, traditional folk culture show will be staged 4 square, Jingning classic mountain and culture. With the Spring Festival cultural activities will be organized, inside and outside the county more than 1000 people boarded classic mountain climbing enthusiasts, through the "flowers" promenade, profound cultural taste of national intangible cultural heritage — "classic mountain flowers", overlooking the Beichuan land in urban and rural areas a new change, to celebrate the year of the snake. (author: Su Jianping)


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