Gonghe Road North Road intersection opened

in December 18th, the Republic of North Road and Binhe Road link to a new look in front of everyone. After nearly a year of fighting, the Republican North Road and the junction of the road construction project was successfully completed, the closure of the road on the day to achieve full opening.
all the time, the road is one of the roads to the provincial hospital, this area is densely populated, not only surrounding residential areas, hospitals, and tourist attractions, and is an important transportation station "live and work in the East District of the public medical care, thus driving the vehicle road every day, thousands of. According to nearby residents, from the road closed, near the road car phenomenon is serious, and often lead to 71 road car. With the construction of the road after the resumption of use, traffic flow near the road will be greatly alleviated. The reporter back in the section of the day to see the past, often press the phenomenon does not exist, and in the rush hour, the vehicle can be ordered to travel slowly. According to the

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