Beichuan industrial park construction to accelerate quality

The afternoon of July 10th, mayor Wang Yubo, municipal committee, vice mayor Zhang Dongqiang, vice mayor Xu Guocheng and relevant departments, in-depth investigation of chase Beichuan Industrial Park, park infrastructure construction, production and operation of enterprises, and on-site meeting, agreed to accelerate the development of the Beichuan Industrial Park and other ideas and measures. Wang Yubo stressed that in the comprehensive promotion of the eastern city of group construction, accelerate the construction of 15 major industrial base, accelerate the development of county economy under the background of Datong county government must play both the advantages, firmly and unswervingly follow the development of the industrial economy, industrial park of the park urbanization and the environment of the path of development, and unswervingly the comprehensive quality and efficiency to accelerate the development of Beichuan Industrial Park, Beichuan Industrial Park Development and strive to walk in the forefront of the province’s major industrial base, an important carrier to build the county economic development.

Wang Yubo, the Beichuan Industrial Park is the main battlefield of county economic development of the city, the county government must take the Datong Beichuan Industrial Park on the development of the province’s 15 major industrial base to plan, to consider.

Wang Yubo stressed the need to optimize regional and industrial development planning. Set development goals and make development plans. In linking the general urban planning of Xining City, Xining City, land use planning, "13th Five-Year" development plan on the basis of speeding up Beichuan industrial park planning to improve the work. Nanjing Road West to optimize the layout of the industrial sector, Ning Road, east of the land mass control, good protection. Two to speed up infrastructure construction. By making full use of the eastern city of group of provincial special funds, fiscal funds supporting the follow-up, increase the province for innovation, financing, to attract social capital and other modes, speeding up the construction of the park road network, and strive to 2 years forming. Three innovation park management system. To further make perfect the organizational structure, the establishment of the park development and operation of a professional company, with the idea of the reform of market operation mode of the development of the park. Four to do a good job in Zhongguancun, Xining High-tech Industrial Park listing and the introduction of scientific and technological enterprises, and strive to achieve results during the year. Five is to accelerate the profit Kyrgyzstan, the Yellow River two small and micro enterprises Park infrastructure and standardized plant construction, optimize the industrial layout, accelerate investment. Six is to protect the park development land. It is necessary to protect the red line, to ensure that no violations, but also to ensure the development of land supply in line with the requirements of industrial development in Beichuan industrial park. Seven is to accelerate the pace of investment. To carry out directional investment, business investment, to ensure that the big business, select the business. Eight is strictly the industry, enterprise environmental protection access. In order to green and beautify the construction of Ecological Industrial Park, to build along the Nanjing Road and Beichuan river industry, ecology, livable corridor, reflecting the green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly development concept.


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