This year there will be more than 58 thousand people holding a bowl

February 7th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department learned that in 2014 the province’s new urban jobs will be in more than 58 thousand people, the office will be in employment, social security, personnel construction as the focus, to make contributions to the building of our province to improve people’s livelihood "upgrade".

it is understood that in 2014 the province’s 58 thousand new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 3.8%, the transfer of agricultural and pastoral labor force of 1 million people, college graduates employment rate of more than 85%. Training around the provincial government on the adjustment of economic structure, urbanization, ecological protection and construction, reduce excess capacity and other major work arrangements, annual urban and rural two or three industry training 75 thousand people, a production training 60 thousand people, the implementation of employment of college graduates special training more than 5 thousand people, to enhance labor skills and employment quality. The social security system more perfect, basic pension, basic medical care, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance number reached 900 thousand people, 1 million 660 thousand people, 540 thousand people, 392 thousand and 100 people and 430 thousand people, residents of urban and rural social pension insurance rate reached 94%, some indicators continue to walk in the forefront of the country or the west. To promote the reform of the classification of public institutions, strengthen the examination open recruitment efforts; the inherent law of in-depth study of the wages of migrant workers began work, in conjunction with the relevant departments coordinated operations, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of labor; to strengthen self construction, promote the comprehensive and basic work to a new level.


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