Failure to reduce maternal mortality rates shames us all Norway tells UN

Addressing the annual high-level debate at United Nations Headquarters in New York, Jens Stoltenberg said it was clear that the world had not taken the issue of maternal mortality – the focus of one of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – seriously.“The fact that we have not made any significant progress at all in reducing the number of women who die in pregnancy or childbirth is appalling,” he told delegates. “There can only be one reason for this awful situation – and that is persistent neglect of women in a world dominated by men.”Mr. Stoltenberg said “all this human tragedy is avoidable by simple means,” and a report issued last week by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) found that more than 500,000 women die unnecessarily every year because of complications from pregnancy or childbirth – nearly all of them in the developing world.“Just think of all these millions of young girls and young women who know, and who fear and dread, that giving life may cause their death,” the Prime Minister said.He noted that “money doesn’t seem to be a problem when the problem is money,” referring to the current crisis on Wall Street and the wider financial markets around the world.“There, unsound investment threatens the homes and the jobs of the middle class. There is something fundamentally wrong when money seems to be abundant, but funds for investment in people seem so short in supply.”Mr. Stoltenberg called for stronger international frameworks so that more funding can be directed to such projects as building schools in Afghanistan, supporting hospitals in Rwanda or providing vaccinations for residents of slums and ghettos worldwide. 25 September 2008The world’s failure to make substantial inroads in reducing the number of women who die in pregnancy or childbirth is a damning illustration of the wider treatment of women, Norway’s Prime Minister told the General Assembly tonight. read more

Political reconciliation and basic security the priorities for Somalia new UN envoy

22 June 2010Encouraging reconciliation between warring political groups and boosting basic public security are critical to stabilizing Somalia, the incoming United Nations envoy to the troubled Horn of Africa country said today. Augustine Mahiga, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative and the head of the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), told UN Radio that promoting reconciliation and a more inclusive political process must be a priority in a country that has not had a functioning national government in two decades.“But this is predicated upon the existence of a modicum of security in Somalia to enable this Transitional [Federal] Government or a government that brings in other political groupings to survive,” he said.“So I would say the two go together – political stability as a result of a process of reconciliation and inclusiveness, but also a security adequate to permit the government to reach out to the population and perform the functions of a government such as providing humanitarian aid and implementing some basic reconstruction activities and, at some point, to engage in economic and social development projects.”Mr. Mahiga, the former Tanzanian ambassador to the UN, succeeds Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah as the top UN official for Somalia, the scene of one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, with large sections of the population displaced and fighting continuing between Government forces and Islamist rebels.Responding to a question, he said it was “far-fetched cynicism” to suggest that there will never be peace in Somalia.“The underlying thing is that any conflict to be durably resolved has to pursue a peaceful path and I think this is how even the most protracted and complex conflicts in the world have at the end of the day been resolved peacefully – peaceful resolution in an inclusive way rather than through violence.” read more

UN Assembly paves way for 1 million Nobel memorial fund for fallen

The $1 million 2001 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to both Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the UN for their work for a more peaceful world. By today’s unanimous decision, the 191-member Assembly decided to donate the Organization’s $500,000 share to the UN Nobel Peace Prize Memorial Fund, matching Mr. Annan’s donation of his share in October 2002, which kicked off the project.The Assembly’s action endorsed the Secretary-General’s proposal to use the full amount of the prize money as a start-up for the establishment of a memorial fund, which would provide financial assistance for the education of children of UN civilian personnel who have lost their lives in the service of peace. The fund would be a way of ensuring both a living memorial to staff who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and a practical way of helping families left behind.Assembly President Jan Kavan of the Czech Republic echoed Mr. Annan’s sentiments today, saying the establishment of the Fund “will provide much needed financial assistance for the education of children of United Nations civilian personnel who have been killed in the line of duty. Their parents gave their lives in the service of peace. This Fund will help the children of those who made the supreme sacrifice.” read more

BC premier wont sign national energy strategy until pipeline dispute resolved

by Alison Auld, The Canadian Press Posted Jul 27, 2012 2:24 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email HALIFAX – British Columbia Premier Christy Clark refused Friday to join her provincial counterparts in crafting a national energy strategy, insisting that a public feud over the Northern Gateway pipeline has to be resolved before she can proceed.Clark stepped out of meetings at the Council of the Federation in Halifax to make the announcement as premiers tried to cobble together a pan-Canadian strategy on energy and before they broke for their final news conference.She said she wouldn’t endorse a deal before discussions take place with Ottawa and Alberta over how B.C. would be compensated for allowing the $6-billion pipeline to carry heavy oil to the B.C. coast to be loaded onto tankers bound for Asia.“British Columbia will not be participating in any of those discussions until after we’ve seen some progress that our requirements for the shipment of heavy oil will be met,” she told a hastily called news conference.“It’s not a national energy strategy if British Columbia hasn’t signed on.”Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford have been locked in an intractable dispute over economic benefits associated with the megaproject proposed by Enbridge (TSX:ENB), with Clark saying the sides must talk before there can be any movement.She said the two had a “very frank discussion” about it Friday morning, but didn’t reveal details or if they planned on holding further talks on the matter.Redford has said she sees no point in talking since the pipeline project is a private venture and British Columbia has to decide on its own how to proceed with trying to secure more revenue from it.At the closing news conference, Redford said the lack of unanimity on a national energy plan wasn’t something that concerned her.“I don’t think we should lament the fact that we’re not all the way there yet,” Redford said.“I think we should actually celebrate a tremendous amount of success in that we had almost every premier in the country talking about the fact that we need to come together and talk about how to grow Canada’s energy economy.”But after much talk going into the meeting of co-operation and the evolution of a pan-Canadian energy strategy, the premiers appeared to leave with little more than the creation of a working group of premiers that will build on a 2007 plan.Still, the host of the annual meeting, Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter, said he wasn’t disappointed in the results of the gathering, which addressed health care, transfer payments, changes to employment insurance and aboriginal issues. He said the work of the council can continue despite the tussle between Alberta and B.C.“I would like to see that work that we’re doing as a bridge over any kind of division,” he said.Clark has said she decided to ask for an unspecified share of benefits from the Northern Gateway after doing analysis on the development, which will move bitumen from Alberta to the B.C. coast for shipment to Asia.Her government has released five conditions she says need to be met before she can move forward with the pipeline. In addition to the demand for a greater portion of the economic benefits, they include the completion of an environmental review now underway, assurances that the “best” responses will be available for potential spills on land and at sea, and that aboriginal rights will be recognized.Clark repeated her position that the province bears too much risk from oil spills at sea or on land, while receiving only eight per cent in tax benefits.She added another wrinkle to the feud when she called on Ottawa on Wednesday to sit down with her and Redford to hash out the issue. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird responded bluntly by questioning Clark’s stance and reiterating the federal government’s support for the project.Redford has flatly dismissed Clark’s position as one that would “fundamentally change Confederation” because it would mean new negotiations for projects throughout the country.According to research in an application filed by Enbridge, 8.2 per cent of the Northern Gateway’s projected $81 billion tax revenue would flow to B.C. over a 30-year period. That equates to $6.7 billion for B.C., while Ottawa is expected to receive $36 billion and Alberta would earn $32 billion.Saskatchewan is expected to top the remainder of the provinces in terms of tax benefit, receiving about $4 billion.Enbridge’s proposed 1,177-kilometre twin line would carry heavy oil from Alberta across a vast swath of pristine B.C. wilderness and First Nations territory to a port at Kitimat, B.C., for shipment to Asia.Last week, the company announced it will shore up $500 million in safety improvements.Next year’s Council of the Federation meeting will be held in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. B.C. premier won’t sign national energy strategy until pipeline dispute resolved read more

John Michie describes trauma of daughters final calls for help as rapper

Louella Fletcher-MichieCredit:Zoe Barling Stephen Kamlish QC, defending, read a statement from Broughton saying: “Sorry I didn’t do more to save Louella, sorry for the suffering I caused to everyone who loved Louella, I want to make things right.”But sentencing him to seven years for manslaughter and a consecutive 18 months for supplying drugs, the judge said the jury had rightly convicted him.“I have come to the clear conclusion your only concern was for yourself,” he said. “You owed her a duty of care to do everything to help. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “I wake up every morning to face life starting again without Louella.”Mr Michie, who branded Broughton “evil” when their paths crossed at the court, said that being forced to endure the trial had subjected them to the “horrible truth of Louella’s lonely death”.He added that he now wanted to move away from the family home in Holloway, north London, away from the memories of her “dancing and laughing in the kitchen” and the pain of passing her bedroom.Her mother, Carol Fletcher-Michie, 68, described the “unfathomable” pain of their “new reality” and said she now struggled to make sense of life. Her sister, Daisy, revealed she had been diagnosed with PTSD and felt she had lost her parents and brother too as they were all “shattered to pieces”. “The evidence proves if you had taken Louella to medics when she was seriously unwell, her life would have been saved.”It was your breach that was a substantial contribution to her death.” John Michie outside Winchester Crown Court Credit: Finnbarr Webster/Getty Image John Michie outside Winchester Crown Court  Mr Michie, 62, said: “I go to bed every night with the trauma of Louella crying out to her mum and dad, her brother and sister to help her, but there was only ever one person who could have helped. Louella Fletcher-Michie John Michie, the Holby City actor, has revealed he goes to bed every night traumatised by his daughter’s final harrowing calls for help as her musician boyfriend was jailed for eight-and-a-half years.Ceon Broughton, 30, was found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter after failing to get help for Louella Fletcher-Michie when she reacted badly to a “bumped up” dose of the hallucinogenic drug 2-CP he gave her at a festival.Instead, he laughed as he filmed her deterioration over a period of six hours before she died in a remote forest area on the edge of the Bestival site in Dorset. The footage was played to the jury.Mr Justice Goose said it was “clear” his only concern was for himself and that her life could have been saved if he had helped her.At the time, in September 2017, Broughton was in breach of a suspended prison sentence for two charges of possessing a lock knife and a Stanley knife blade.Before he was sentenced, Miss Fletcher-Michie’s family read victim impact statements to Winchester Crown Court, fighting back tears as they attempted to describe how their lives had been forever shattered. read more

The Insane Clown Posse tabletop game is Magic The Gathering of the

first_imgHowever, although Into the Echoside may look perfect, it is not. The game could really stand to tighten up its pacing. Early in the game it takes too long to start gathering (sorry) better cards, and overall a single game lasts maybe twice as long as it needs to. The considerable novelty nonetheless begins to get old. Further playthroughs may also reveal unforeseen balancing issues with individual cards’ abilities.Still. Those are typical board game quibbles, and the fact that Into the Echoside reaches that level is a magnet-level miracle. I would absolutely play it again and haze some more new Ziff Davis employees (shout-out to the winner, inventory control coordinator Alice Newcome-Beill!). I might even try to pick up the upcoming expansion Oracle of the Three Rings. It’s easy and probably justifiable to mock the Insane Clown Posse and all the wicked nonsense they stand for. They describe themselves as the “World’s Most Hated Band” after all. But being trashy isn’t the same as being complete garbage. So pitch a fresh-ass comedy tent, crank up your copy of Riddle Box, and enter the Echoside until you’re down with the clowns until you’re dead in the ground.Whoop whoop! Hate all you want, but the Insane Clown Posse has money. Lots of cold hard clown cash. And they deserve it. You may not like their horrorcore hip-hop routine by clearly plenty of others do, enough to make independent record label Psychopathic Records quite the wealthy enterprise for famous jokers Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Amidst all the Faygo and borderline gang makeup at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos, the musical celebration of good times and hard rhymes, is the fact that the event has the fat stacks and the sway to nab headliners like Ice Cube and George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.Here’s the last example you’ll ever need that the Insane Clown Posse has too much time, money, and lore to throw around. This year’s Gathering saw the release of Into The Echoside: The Deckbuilding Game. Yes, it’s true, ICP made a tabletop game, and we played it. Guess what, it’s not so bad!But before I take you on this journey of chicken huntin’ and Kottonmouth Kings, you may be wondering why I took it upon myself to obtain and critique something as absurd as an Insane Clown Posse tabletop game. My ironic fascination and genuine admiration for all things Juggalo began the moment I heard there was a real band called “The Insane Clown Posse.” Things only got better from there with the science-loving(?) meme hit “Miracles.” But it was the lavishly produced infomercials for the Gathering of the Juggalos that really cemented my clown love. The 2011 sci-fi themed video in particular is perhaps the densest comedic work I’ve ever seen. Literally every scene has at least four hilarious things happening at once, from the performers to the special effects to the use of of the phrase “Shangri-La on Earth.” The reality of Juggalos’ existence is impossible to parody, even when acts like Saturday Night Live try.Getting my hands on Into the Echoside, a gracious gift from my new friends at Psychopathic Records, represented a huge step in my Juggalo journey. I’ve seeded about a dozen of my PCMag reviews with ICP references, I tried and failed to review the Juggalo app, and I even purchased the latest FL Studio digital audio workstation to teach myself how to make a Juggalo vaporwave track. It didn’t work out. I have no plans of ever personally attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, but for me, Into the Echoside might be the next best thing.From its introductory text alone, detailing an epic quest in the Nethervoid to stop an ancient evil with some Dark Carnival Ninjas, Into the Echoside crystallizes what makes the Insane Clown Posse such a singular niche pop culture phenomenon. The bad, white people, death metal fascination with vaguely Nordic lore combined with bad, white people interpretations of underground hip-hop street toughness, further filtered through decidedly Midwestern filth and wrestling sensibilities, is already one of the strangest musical concoctions imaginable. But within that ridiculousness is legitimately competent performances and shockingly high levels of production value. All of those qualities apply to the films Big Money Hustlas and Big Money Rustlas, and now to this game as well.Into the Echoside ($40) draws inspiration for other deckbuilding games such as Ascension and Dominion. Two-to-four players obtain cards with various abilities to create the most valuable deck by the end of the game. Aside from the Juggalo aesthetic, certain mechanics also feel appropriate for the subject matter. You can stomp cards out of play or earn bonuses by using cards from a certain crew like Dark Carnival, Psychopathic, and Underground. Advanced Play also introduces Fiend cards, perfect for the game’s Hatchetman take on dark fantasy.For a complete explanation, and I do mean complete, check out the lengthy how to play video below.Honestly the best way to describe this game is just to list some incredible true facts about it. You collect “dope flavor” cards. Juggalo cards are more valuable than Ninja cards, which seems backwards in any other context. Anytime “Juggalo Juice” appears on a card it’s slightly rotated, as if to obscure the copyrighted Faygo name. Roll the dice to spin the Wheel of Fate for potential prizes. The individual pieces of art are certainly intricate, but the overall style is a barely coherent hodgepodge of things you might find at a spooky rap circus for edgy teens or ironic adults. In the event of a tie, the first player who says “Gimmie my money, muddafocko!” wins. The game says it’s suitable for ages 13 and up.Just reading out card names as you perform your turn is a delight. It’s what makes the game enjoyable even for the audience, since we naturally had more people in the office who wanted to experience this than the game could allow. No other game lets you say something like, “I’m playing two ninjas, one Juggalo card, and The Loons to earn six karma and purchase Weed Man. I’m then playing Whitney Peyton so I can draw a flavor card. What’s the flavor card? Still Stabbin’, so one more karma point for me.”Check out some of these cards. They’re so great, it’s tough not to spoil them all. I love that The Great Milenko and Ringmaster are epic cards while Vanilla Ice is not. The heart of these cards is so black… and dumb. <>last_img read more

Actually Science Says The Rock CAN Make That Jump In Skyscraper

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Listen, you’re kidding yourself if you go to an action movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and expect the laws of physics to be respected. This dude has thrown a torpedo while hanging out the door of a car speeding across a frozen body of water. He has leapt through explosions and come out unscathed. Sir Isaac Newton and Dwayne aren’t acquainted, and I hope they never are. Nonetheless, some contentious “fans” took it upon themselves to wax poetic on the seeming impossibility of a particular stunt in the first trailer for Johnson’s new film Skyscraper. You likely know the stunt well. It’s the moment when Johnson’s character leaps through the air, jumping from a towering crane and trying to land in an open window 240 stories above the ground. It’s a riveting moment and gave very real anxiety as someone who is so afraid of heights he has to take anxiety medication before getting on a roller coaster.Nonetheless, a bevy of armchair physicists (to be fair, you can study physics from an armchair but I digress) on Twitter took it upon themselves to point out that based on the angle of the jump, the distance from the window, and the height from which Johnson leaps, his character is realistically dead as hell. Evidence from the poster was largely cited, with Johnson’s positioning in the air seeming to indicate that his trajectory would lead him to a new career as a pancake on the sidewalk.Well I’m here to proudly tell them that not only are they wrong to assume physics matter in a movie about The Rock waging a one-man war on the sinister forces that set out to, I dunno, beat up his favorite skyscraper or hurt his family, but they’re wrong about the science part, too. Did I discover this through my own research? No, I studied English in college and forgot to read about half of the novels I was assigned by my professors. Science ain’t my area of expertise. Luckily, an actual scientist is just as fascinated by The Rock as I am and took it upon himself to figure out just how realistic Johnson’s leap is. As it turns out, very. Professor Costas Efthimiou teaches a popular class at the University of Central Florida known as Physics and Film in which he and his students analyze the real-life physics behind movies like Black Panther and Armageddon. Through his research, he discovered that the positioning of the crane Johnson leaps from allows for a window of opportunity to successfully make the jump.Efthimiou estimates that the crane is roughly 20 meters in length. This distance would allow a person to reach a running horizontal speed of 20 miles per hour before jumping. If a vertical speed of between 3.667 and 5.476 meters per second is reached, the peak elevation will be achieved between .686 and 1.525 meters above the crane. All of these factors aligning make the jump possible. Now, no ordinary human could pull this off. The speed necessary to create these factors is, according to Efthimiou, the sort of thing only a professional sprinter or basketball player could pull off. Efthimiou also observes that the character’s implicit stress, age, and lack of running shoes would make it extremely difficult to manage. However, the character is also in excellent shape, has a physically challenging professional discipline (he’s a former FBI agent), and tremendous personal motivation in protecting his family, the laws of physics dictate that it’s entirely possible for him to pull the jump off.We’ll have to wait until Skyscraper hits theaters this weekend to see if Johnson’s character manages to stick the landing. For now, it would seem that not even the laws of physics can stop him from pulling off the seemingly impossible. There’s an important lesson to be learned from all of this, one that we should all take to heart.Never doubt The Rock.center_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img read more

Anthem Gets Day One Patch Six Days Later

first_img Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Man does it look like a lot of my fears about Anthem are coming true. While the core act of flying around in an off-brand Iron Man suit with your buddies looks fun, and BioWare did manage to sneak in some of its trademark rich role-playing storytelling around the multiplayer margins, everything surrounding the game makes me think EA should’ve just let smash hit battle royale Apex Legends have February all to itself.Live games as services like Anthem typically have rocky launches as they struggle to deal with millions of new online players logging into a system designed to give out content for months to come. Just ask Destiny, the looter shooter Anthem takes most of its cues from and whose tortured life only now looks promising since Bungie is leaving Activision. Because of this these games typically get derided as unfinished public betas that are charging full price. And honestly it’s hard to argue against that when Anthem has just gotten its “day one patch” six days after release.Now technically Anthem’s “official” release date is February 22. That’s EA’s excuse for calling these substantial fixes a day one patch. But if you can make sense of Anthem’s inexplicably confusing release calendar you’ll realize that the most dedicated players were encouraged to pay for special editions that, among other things, allowed them to play the full game a week early. Not a broken beta, but a broken “final” game.Therefore, the most loyal Anthem players have had to suffer through the most egregious technical issues this patch reportedly fixes. Here are just a few.Fixed many infinite loading screensA number of issues have been fixed that were causing players to disconnect or crashLoot Reveal and Expedition Summary now correctly play during the end of expedition screen.Players can no longer fall through the floor during the 3rd trial in the Fortress of DawnAddressed a variety of situations where killing enemies does not properly progress world eventsAddressed a number of situations where players can get stuck on the environment in the launch bayFixed an issue that would cause a Stronghold server crash after defeating the last bossThere are dozens more patch notes you can read on Anthem’s site. We think it’s great BioWare is improving the game, but it’s weirdly dishonest to act like players should’ve expected the version they’re been playing already to be essentially unfinished. Technical issues also seem like maybe the least of Anthem’s problems but I haven’t personally played it so I can’t judge yet.If you’re still confused, yes, Anthem is available now. While you wait for this patch to install watch Neill Blomkamp’s live-action Anthem short. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Deputy accused of sexual misconduct posts bail is released

first_imgA Clark County corrections deputy accused of sexual misconduct involving a female inmate posted bail and was released from custody Friday.Christopher A. North, 29, of Vancouver is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 10 on charges of indecent liberties with forcible compulsion and second-degree custodial sexual misconduct.At about 4 a.m. July 11, North allegedly accosted an inmate in a dressing room at the Clark County Jail and masturbated on her, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case.He was in court on Thursday to make a first appearance in the case and posted $50,000 bail sometime after the hearing.North has been employed by the sheriff’s office since January 2015 and was placed on administrative leave on July 13.In Clark County Superior Court on Friday morning, Judge John Fairgrieve set conditions for North’s release, which included stipulations that he cannot own a firearm or work in corrections or law enforcement.last_img read more

Former EPL footballer believes Salah is having a difficult time

first_imgTony Cascarino believes the Egyptian player is frustrated right now at English Premier League club LiverpoolLiverpool won at home against French Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain.And even though Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah was constantly looking for a goal, he couldn’t get one.For former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino, Salah is having a difficult time right now in the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.“Mo Salah is having a difficult time, I think that’s clear,” Cascarino told talkSPORT.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“He’s a really frustrated player at the moment, just watch his reaction after Liverpool go 3-2 up and win the game.”“You can clearly see his reaction after [Roberto] Firmino scores the winning goal, he throws a bottle to the ground with anger, you can clearly see that,” he added.“It’s been a tricky last few months for Mo Salah, but it’s going under the radar slightly because Liverpool has won every game.”“Harry Kane has been in the newspapers about his form, it’s all been Harry, Harry, Harry, and yet Mo’s level of performances are clearly nowhere near last year,” Cascarino continued.“You look at him winning all the Player of the Year awards but then getting injured in the Champions League final last season, it’s all gone backward from there.”last_img read more

Gotze is enjoying his time at Dortmund

first_imgThe German attacking midfielder returned to Borussia Dortmund after three years with Bayern Munich and he’s loving itBorussia Dortmund has seen many changes in the past months, and for Mario Gotze, these changes are great.“Personally, I didn’t expect things to be going so well because these things take time with a new coach, new players, and with the development needed,” he told the Bundesliga website.“You never quite know what is going to happen, but this makes it even better that things have gone so well. Of course, we know that not everything is perfect and that we won a few games with a bit of luck.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“It’s nevertheless nice to have picked up the points and to get through our Champions League group. It’s great,” he added.“The coach and the whole team are doing their bit. The opposition and how they are set up also play a role and how they perform in the situation.”“There are many factors that play a role and you also need a certain amount of luck to win these games,” he explained.“I think we are very unpredictable in games and our substitutes also score a lot of goals.”last_img read more

People on the Move 051508

first_imgHearst named Brent Williams Allen associate publisher of Marie Claire, replacing Kim Fasting Berg, who left the company. Allen most recently served as vice president of brand development at Elle.Ginger Sutton was promoted from associate publisher to vice president and publisher of the Woman’s Day Brand Group. Sutton replaces Claire Marin, who left the company.Essence appointed Real Simple executive editor Corynne L. Corbett as beauty director. Longtime Essence beauty and cover director, Mikki Taylor, retired in March.The New Republic promoted Jenna Golden to associate publisher. Most recently, Golden served as executive director of advertising sales.Town&Country appointed William Norwich as a special correspondent. Previously, Norwich served as a contributing editor and columnist for Vogue.Denise Gee was named food and wine editor at Rodale’s Organic Gardening. Previously, Gee has served as food editor and stylist at Southern Living and Coastal Living, and as a home design editor at Better Homes & Gardens. More than a year after launching events consultancy firm Morrissy + Vine LLC, Tom Morrissy has laned at global digital communications provider Synaptic Digital as executive vice president of North American sales. Previously, Morrissy served as publisher at OK!. Before that, he was publisher at Entertainment Weekly.Jolène Bouchon was named senior Web editor at Hearst Magazines Digital Media’s Most recently, Bouchon served as a Web editor at Self magazine.The Reader’s Digest Association named JoAnn Murray senior vice president of global human resources. A former senio HR executive at the company, Murray also will serve on RDA’s execuitive committee.last_img read more

Alex Wagner Joins The Atlantic People on the Move – 42716

first_imgJournalist and former broadcast anchor Alex Wagner is joining The Atlantic as a senior editor. She will write for the brand, moderate events with AtlanticLIVE, and help to develop video and TV projects with The Atlantic Studios. Katey Psencik was named assistant social media editor. Psencik most recently served as a digital media associate at KLRU-TV, the PBS affiliate in Austin, Texas. In this new role, Wagner will write articles for both the magazine and website. As host of MSNBC’s Emmy-nominated “NOW with Alex Wagner” and as a reporter for Huffington Post and Politics Daily, Wagner covered politics and national affairs. Veteran media executive David Israel has been named CFO of Playboy Enterprises. Prior to joining Playboy in 2012, Israel was the chairman, CEO and founding partner of Procysive Corporation, an online intelligence and competitor/opposition research start-up.   The Daily Dot has made additions to its editorial team: C4ISR & Networks, a media brand serving the defense intelligence technology sector, hired David Silverberg as editor. Silverberg brings editorial experience from Gulf Shore Business, Border News Network, Emergency Management, Homeland Security Today, and spent three years as managing editor of The Hill. Lauren Walkerhas been named the brand’s new senior politics reporter. Lauren Walker arrives at the Daily Dot from Newsweek, where she served as a staff writer covering technology, national security, and foreign affairs. Jessica Muchado joins as lifestyle editor. Prior to joining the Daily Dot, Muchado served as an associate editor at Rolling Stone.. Following her world travels as part of Remote Year’s inaugural class, April Siese joins the Daily Dot as weekend editor. Finally, Colette Bennett joins as senior geek writer. Bennett brings over a decade of journalism experience to the Daily Dot. She honed her skills at CNN and HLN, as well as sites that include Kotaku, Destructoid, and Tomopop.center_img Wagner will also work with The Atlantic Studios to help develop projects for TV and web. The Atlantic Studios produces documentaries, hosted series, and animations in collaboration with The Atlantic’s journalists. At MSNBC, Wagner was a frequent guest host on prime time programs “All In with Chris Hayes” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” A longtime contributor to the Daily Dot recognized for her ability to weave a strong narrative around a personal experience, Jaya Saxena comes aboard as lifestyle staff writer. Brian Dell has joined Quartz as creative director, client services. In his time as partner and director of GMD Studios, Brian built out and managed the brand journalism group at JWT NY. “With her wide range of editorial experience and her knowledge of politics, entertainment, and social issues, she’ll be an asset across our platforms,” said Bob Cohn, president and COO of The Atlantic. Hearst Magazines has announced that Maury Postal has been named executive creative director of The Blend Line, the content studio for Car and Driver and Road & Track. Postal was most recently group creative director of Social@Ogilvy. TEN: The Enthusiast Network has announced that Jonathan Anastas has been hired as CMO. Anastas joins TEN from Roku, where he was global head of user acquisition, media, web & CRM. Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated Group has announced the hiring of Albert Breer to the staff of The MMQB. Breer served as the national NFL writer for the Boston Globe and Sporting News. Here are the rest of this week’s people on the move:last_img read more

SC allows Yechury to visit JK to meet party colleague Tarigami

first_imgNew Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed CPI(M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury to visit Jammu and Kashmir to meet his ailing party colleague Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami while brushing aside the Centre’s claim that it might “endanger the situation” in the state. “Why do you have any difficulty if a citizen of this country wants to go there and meet his friend and party colleague,” a bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi asked Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, who was opposing Yechury’s visit. Also Read – Shah urges women to shun plastic bags Advertise With Us “If a citizen wants to go to a part of his country, he is entitled to go,” the bench, also comprising justices S A Bobde and S A Nazeer, said. The court said this after Mehta’s contention that Yechury’s visit might affect the prevailing situation in Jammu and Kashmir and the issue might become political. “This may endanger the situation. The situation is becoming normal there,” Mehta told the bench, adding that the Left leader’s proposed visit “appears to be political”. Also Read – Free bus travel for women gets Cabinet nod Advertise With Us The apex court made it clear that Yechury was allowed to visit Jammu and Kashmir to meet his party colleague only as attention has been drawn to an interim application seeking orders from the court for bringing Tarigami to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, for better medical facilities. The bench said if he was found to be “indulging in any other act of omission and commission, it will be construed to be a violation of this court order”. Yechury’s counsel told the top court that he was willing to give an undertaking that he would not indulge in any other activity other than meeting Tarigami and enquiring about his well-being. Advertise With Us Senior advocate Raju Ramachandran, appearing for the CPI (M) leader, said Tarigami was a four-time MLA and he had last spoken to Yechury over phone on August 4, during which he had indicated that his health condition was “poor”. “I (Yechury) am the general secretary of the party. He (Tarigami) is a four-time MLA of our party. I am concerned about him,” the senior lawyer said. When the bench said it would allow Yechury to go to Jammu and Kashmir to meet Tarigami, Ramachandran said, “I (Yechury) had gone there earlier also. They (authorities) did not allow me to go out of the airport.” To this, the bench said, “You go there. We will pass order. You go there and meet your friend, nothing else.”last_img read more

Ladbrokes Matthew Shaddick interview

first_img UK punters are set to spend a staggering £100m on the forthcoming general election, according to Ladbrokes.The bookmaker expects the May vote to be the biggest ever betting election and probably garner up to three times as much as 2010s takings across the market.Based on trends so far and comparing it to 2010, we are forecasting that there will be more than £100m ($153m, €137m) worth of bets in the UK on this general election, Matthew Shaddick, head of political betting at Ladbrokes, told IBTimes UK.We are pretty sure its going to be the biggest betting election, probably two or three times as big as we saw in 2010.The betting expert also revealed that his firm estimates that South Thanet, the hotly contested Kent seat Nigel Farage and Al Murrays The Pub Landlord are running for, will be the largest betting constituency in Britain.We are forecasting that this seat is going to be the biggest constituency in the country for betting interests this year, based on Farage being very newsworthy, Murray has been chucked into the mix and also the fact that either Labour or the Tories can be realistic challengers here, Shaddick explained.The Ladbrokes representative spoke at Ukips spring conference in Margate and after a poll from Survation put Farage on to win the Thanet seat.The survey, which questioned more than 1,000 voters in the constituency, gave the Ukip leader an 11% lead over Labour (38.6% vs 27.6%) and put the Tories on 26.6%.Ladbrokes have put Farage favourite in the seat on 1/3, with the Tories on 3/1, Labour on 8/1 and the Liberal Democrats on 100/1. Closelast_img read more

Aprils Fools Day 2015 Burger King releases sexy aftershave

first_imgClose Japans Burger King restaurants released a unisex fragrance on April Fools Day they call flame-grilled.The tongue-in-cheek promotion comes with a video, in which a couple dressed in black tie enjoy a romantic meal at Burger King, and the woman compliments her partner on his sexy burger cologne.The companys brand manager in Japan, Kana Lenaga, said her team came up with the idea a year ago and had since visited the kitchens many times to learn about the smell of its burgers flame-grilled patties. The perfumes actual production took half a year.She said the unisex fragrance should appeal to both men and women.We want women who like meat to wear this, and men who want to smell sexy and wild should definitely wear this, Lenaga said.At a price tag of ¥5000 (£28, $42), the fragrance comes with one free Whopper burger.The fast food chain is selling 1,000 bottles of this spicy scent for one day only across its Japanese branches.last_img read more

Life is a mashup

first_imgNew DJ on the block DJ Chetas was in town at A State of Music (ASOM) Radisson Blu, Dwarka to give Delhi a heady taste of good old Bollywood music and his famous mashups. We had a word with him about it all. Here’s what he had to say…Tell us about yourselves. How did you start off?DJing started off as a hobby and will end also being a hobby cause my priority would always be my family business of road constructions. I started off playing for my friends private parties. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’ What was the first big break for you?My first big break was with T-series and my remix for Aashiq Banaya Aapne at the age of 16 . How would you define your musical philosophy?  Tell us a bit about your music, what do you think defines you?Mashups have always been what I wanted to do. When I started making mashups, people, in fact even my close friends said that this concept would not work, but as you know today, everyone grooves  to mashups!How easy (or difficult) is it to make a mark in the music scene? What do you think about the main issues are? Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixIt’s not easy create you mark in the music scene, it’s a lot of hard work and dedication that goes in. Trying to get everyone like your track is the challenge, all though you can never please 100 per cent of the audience , that should always be your goal. What/Who inspires you? Family and friends and of course my team – Life is a mashup!  Tell us about your best tracksI think Balam Pichkari was my first massive remix , so that’s one, and the Break Up Mashup. These are tracks closest to my heart. What songs top your playlist right now?All Arijit Singh tracks . What suggestions/advice would you have for newbies in music?Follow your heart , do what you love , but also remember that music wont fill your stomach so its always good to have a backup job. How has Delhi been for you?Delhi’s like second home now, we are here at least twice or thrice a month.last_img read more

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first_imgRadiation oncologists have several imaging tools available during the radiotherapy process. Before any treatment dose can be given, however, clinicians need to appropriately select and delineate the proper target volumes, or tumors, and they need to determine which organs may be at risk for unwanted dose.Both contrasted computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can adequately get the job done in the hands of a trained radiation oncologist, since both modalities have high spatial resolution. Recently, though, positron emission tomography (PET) has emerged as another potential alternative.PET has an inherent advantage, in that it can image any physiological pathways within a tumor, provided a radiotracer can be injected into the patient. With the emergence of the PET-CT camera, clinicians also can avoid the dilemma of comparatively low spatial resolution associated with PET.As a result of the increased popularity of the modality, two European societies (the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine)recently joined forces to publish new guidelines for PET-CT regarding its use in radiotherapy planning. While numerous studies had been done, the overall picture of how the modality should be used was somewhat foggy.“They did feel that there was a gap in terms of clear instructions and a clear assembly of information on what needed to be done,” said Robert Dann, the oncology marketing leader for GE Healthcare’s medical diagnostics division. GE Healthcare supported the work of the task force with an unrestricted educational grant to develop the guidelines.Dann noted the guidelines did not require any new science or research studies. Rather, experts looked at the available evidence, interpreted it and put it into guideline form so the vast amounts of data were usable.The new guidelines, while significant, will not force doctors to change the way they go about their treatment planning process. Ultimately, Dann said, how the guidelines are applied will depend on the individual doctor. They now have a better toolkit for determining the best way to utilize PET-CT.“What is now available is almost like a manual, a set of recommendations in terms of how-to and which patients,” he said.Recommendations Cover a Wide Variety of Tumors Specifically, the guidelines detail the current clinical evidence regarding PET-CT’s use in patients with various types of tumors or cancers. In patients with brain tumors, for example, the new guidelines suggest that PET-CT can offer an improvement over MRI, since it can image the biological and molecular characteristics of the tumor. This can potentially improve the precision of the radiotherapy.Although CT and MRI both have high accuracy in imaging brain tumors, the guidelines’ authors note that PET-CT can delineate meningioma borders much more accurately.With respect to patients with head and neck tumors, the authors said the biological data from PET scans can complement the anatomical information from CT or MRI. As a result, PET can provide a basis for accurately shaping the radiation dose based on the metabolic activity present in various locations within the tumor. Furthermore, [18F] deoxyglucose (FDG)-PET can possibly discover tumor extensions not highlighted by standard anatomical imaging. However, the authors did note that tracer uptake can lead to false positive results in FDG-PET, so it is not recommended for routine diagnostic use.For patients with lung tumors, FDG-PET can help them avoid unnecessary treatment when compared to CT alone. Also, it can lead to higher radiation dose delivered without increased side effects, since it reduces the radiation field. According to the authors, several factors, such as breathing and position differences, support PET-CT designed for radiotherapy planning.Using PET-CT to image tumors in the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract is not quite as simple, since there are a wide variety of distinct tumors that can be present in the various areas of the GI tract. So far, the authors said PET-CT’s role in defining and delineating GI tumors is investigational, and improvements need to be made before it can be used in a clinical setting. However, they did note that some tracers have shown promise.PET-CT, when used with the nutrient choline as a tracer, shows promise in prostate cancer patients. Specifically, it can help detect relapses. But choline PET-CT is not useful in primary prostate cancer detection, since it has low specificity and sensitivity.For patients with cervical cancers, PET-CT can help find the optimal treatment plan and customize radiotherapy planning. The modality has also shown promise for finding a better treatment strategy in patients with endometrial cancer. However, the authors note that more evaluation is needed.Not all of the guidelines refer specifically to various types of tumors, though. The authors also include detailed recommendations on patient setup, including patient positioning, tabletop guidelines, bore size and even the psychological well-being of the patient. The authors note that proper patient setup is crucial to accurate and effective PET-CT imaging.Dann said the guidelines are particularly significant in the medical community because two separate societies came together.“It’s not so often that you see guidelines coming out from two societies together, bridging two medical disciplines,” he said. As a result, they are more comprehensive. “You get the perspective of the nuclear medic as well as the radiation oncologist.”But perhaps even more importantly, the guidelines should result in better care for the patient. Ideally, they will help physicians not only improve patient selection, but also treatment delivery.“They allow for smarter decisions to be made and, ultimately, better care,” Dann said.To download a copy of the guidelines, go to FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Interventional Radiology | July 31, 2019 International Multidisciplinary Group Publishes Recommendations for Personalized HCC Treatment With Y90 TheraSphere New consensus recommendations for personalized treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) with BTG’s TheraSphere have… read more Related Content News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | August 02, 2019 ASRT Supports Radiopharmaceutical Reimbursement Bill The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) announced its support for House Resolution (HR) 3772, a measure… read more News | PET-CT | August 15, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Installation of uExplorer Total-body PET/CT United Imaging announced that its uExplorer total-body positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 16, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Completes Construction on Beloit, Wis. Molybdenum-99 Processing Facility NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC  announced completion of construction on its 20,000-square-foot molybdenum-99 (Mo-… read more Feature | April 13, 2011 | Todd Loesch New PET-CT Guidelines Help Optimize Care Two medical societies work together to develop comprehensive recommendations News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 01, 2019 Bracco Imaging Acquires Blue Earth Diagnostics Bracco Imaging S.p.A. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Earth Diagnostics, a molecular imaging company… read more News | Radiopharmaceuticals and Tracers | July 26, 2019 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Awarded $30 Million by U.S. Department of Energy NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes LLC has been awarded $15 million in a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of… read more Feature | Molecular Imaging | July 01, 2019 | By Sharvari Rale Transformations in Molecular Imaging Herald Entry to Novel Applications Diagnostic procedures have always been a cornerstone of early prognosis and patient triaging. read more News | Computed Tomography (CT) | June 17, 2019 International Working Group Releases New Multiple Myeloma Imaging Guidelines An International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) has developed the first set of new recommendations in 10 years for… read more Technology | Information Technology | June 20, 2019 DOSIsoft Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Planet Onco Dose Software DOSIsoft announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Planet… read more News | PET-CT | June 19, 2019 United Imaging Announces First U.S. Clinical Install of uMI 550 Digital PET/CT United Imaging announced the first U.S. clinical installation of the uMI 550 Digital positron emission tomography/… read more X-ray images such as the one on the left fail to indicate many cases of advanced bone destruction caused by multiple myeloma, says the author of new guidelines on imaging for patients with myeloma and related disorders. Image courtesy of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Image courtesy of Philips Healthcarelast_img read more

Breast Cancer Followup Imaging Varies Widely

first_imgNews | Breast Imaging | July 13, 2018 Breast Cancer Follow-up Imaging Varies Widely Many low-risk patients receive high-cost procedures that are not recommended July 13, 2018 — Follow-up imaging for women with non-metastatic breast cancer varies widely across the country, according to a new study led by researchers at UC San Francisco. Some patients go without the annual mammograms that experts recommend, while others with the same cancer diagnosis receive full-body scans that expose them to significant amounts of radiation and are not recommended by experts.Researchers said they could find no patterns in the data to explain the variation in care, but they suspected that it reflected differences in the common practices adopted by particular hospitals or physician groups. Full-body scans are expensive, costing between $2,000 and $8,000, and can be burdensome for patients who have high-deductible insurance policies that expose them to annual healthcare costs of $6,000 to $8,000 a year.”With skyrocketing medical costs, patients are having to take greater and greater responsibility for out-of-pocket expenses,” said UCSF’s Benjamin Franc, M.D., MS, MBA, a professor in the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, the Center for Healthcare Value, and the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies. “These patients already have cancer, so you don’t want to induce another cancer with radiation from unnecessary imaging.”The study, published in JNCCN: Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, examined data on 36,045 women aged 18 to 64 who had surgery for cancer in one breast between 2010 and 2012. To limit the group to patients with non-metastatic disease, the researchers excluded women who received chemotherapy in the first 18 months after their surgery. The data came from the Truven Health MarketScan Commercial Database and included information for all the metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the country.Guidelines from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) recommend that women with non-metastatic breast cancer should receive annual physical exams and mammograms, but not full-body imaging with such technologies as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) or bone scans.The researchers looked at an 18-month period, rather than a year, to allow time for patients to have completed any radiation therapy. They found that patients were more likely to receive recommended breast imaging within 18 months of surgery if they were younger or received radiation therapy. But the next most significant predictor was the patient’s MSA. The biggest predictors of whether patients received PET imaging, which is not recommended, was the type of surgery, followed by MSA.They found that 70.8 percent of women received at least one dedicated breast image, either a mammogram or a breast MRI, both of which are recommended for these patients. But 31.7 percent had at least one high-cost imaging procedure, and 12.5 percent had at least one PET, neither of which are recommended without a specific clinical symptom.About half of the lowest-risk patients — those who received only surgery — received the recommended mammography within 18 months of their initial treatment. And between 64 and 70 percent of patients who had received a mastectomy and radiation, and were presumably higher risk, received some sort of breast imaging, either mammography or breast MRI. But depending on where they lived, between 18 and 46 percent of patients received high-cost tomographic imaging within 18 months of their surgeries.”Age and therapy make sense as predictors of breast imaging, but it doesn’t make sense that where you live makes a difference in whether you were likely to get a follow-up mammogram or high-cost imaging,” Franc said. “What’s actionable here is that we have these guidelines, but doctors aren’t following them.”For more information: www.jnccn.orgReferenceFranc B.L., Copeland T.P., Thombley R., et al. “Geographic Variation in Postoperative Imaging for Low-Risk Breast Cancer.” Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, July 13, 2018. doi:10.6004/jnccn.2018.7024 FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Colonoscopy Systems | August 06, 2019 Rise in Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Not Aligned With Screening Trends A new study finds that trends in colonoscopy rates did not fully align with the increase in colorectal cancer (CRC) in… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 06, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack Risk Assessment When used with a common heart scan, machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), does better than… read more News | PACS | August 09, 2019 Lake Medical Imaging Selects Infinitt for Multi-site RIS/PACS Infinitt North America will be implementing Infinitt RIS (radiology information system)/PACS (picture archiving and… read more Related Content News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more last_img read more