Barça, Madrid and Atlético, victims of the final sprint of Cornellà

It is not new for Espanyol to knock down a big LaLiga in the last minutes. On this occasion, the goal of Wu Lei in the 88th minute after a great assistance from Matías Vargas did not help him to give the blue and white team three points against Barcelona, ​​but to rescue a point that can mean the push to escape from The drop zone. Before the greats, in the last three years, Espanyol has subscribed to the great joys before the end of the meetings.It all started in January 2018 in the first leg of the quarterfinals between Espanyol and Barcelona. A closed match in which everything pointed to 0-0 until Oscar Melendo appeared to mark, in minute 87, the 1-0 that marked the first victory in a derby since 2009. Somewhat baptized as Melendazo, which served to give a joy in a complicated but historical season, in which the parakeets managed to knock down the three clubs with more budget of the championship. Because a month before, in the last meeting of 2017 and with a Espanyol near the relegation zone, the parakeets knocked down Atlético de Madrid with a goal in minute 87 by Sergio García. A Bon Pastor striker also finished crossing the ball as Wu Lei a good collective play.Far from being the exception, Real Madrid also fell at RCDE Stadium, even more cruelly. In minute 92 of the match Gerard Moreno He caught an impressive volley in the area that meant the final 1-0 and one of the most remembered moments in the years that Espanyol has played in Cornellà-El Prat. When the parties agonize, the parakeets find miraculous goals. read more

More criticism of the election of João Félix by Atlético de Madrid

first_imgMost have been in favor. The voices that support the signing of João Félix by Atlético last summer, when he became the most expensive signing in the club’s history, in a transfer for 127 million when he was not yet 20 years old. But there have also been some against it. Voices that question that decision, that consider it a barrier to their talent rather than a step forward. They are the least, but there they are. Van der Vaart: “He is in the team and with the wrong coach,” says Van der Vaart in a criticism of Cholo (“They don’t play football at all”). Cassano directly shot the footballer. “Paying more than 120 million for a player like Joao Félix seems like too much to me, but Mendes has a representative,” he said. The last one has come from a legend from Benfica, the former Brazilian midfielder of the late eighties, early nineties, Valdo Finho.“It’s in the Athletic and in my opinion it’s not the best team for him considering the style of the game“he assured Tuttosport, while pointing out the clubs that, for him, were more suited to rojiblanco for being “more offensive”. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester City. “But I hope that with your choice you can achieve your goals“he added. Comparison with Cristiano“He is a very intelligent player, with a lot of technique and is fast. He has everything and everyone expects great things from him“he commended him, although fleeing an inevitable comparison for every star that emerges in Portugal: the comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo.”I can’t find any similarity with Christian Ronaldo. They are different styles. João Félix you can make your mark by going your way“.”Cristiano is an idol of my childhood, an example in everything. I was a boy and he was already the best in the world. It’s unique. He is making history in soccer. I liked hearing what he said (“Joao Felix is ​​a phenomenon”) “, João Félix himself recognized in an interview in To ball a few months ago.last_img read more