Guardiola: “This Madrid is different, it is much more aggressive”

first_imgPep Guardiola appeared before the media in the preliminary round of the round of 16 that Manchester City will play this Wednesday against Real Madrid (9:00 pm). The coach analyzed the tie.The visit of a Zidane in formation: “The honor was ours to come with other colleagues of the French Football Federation. We had talks and it was very good. At that time I started training, but especially for the player who had been, one of the greatest of all the times. It was an honor to visit us. Then he has done what he has felt and has not gone wrong. “Bernabeu: “It is a pleasure to return to this field, one of the biggest where I won and lost. Playing the Champions in this field, as in other great fields, is an honor and enjoy. There is no other. It’s very good”.Is Sterling 100 percent ready?: “Sterling is ready. His physical condition is incredible. I could have played the previous game, the doctor said we were careful because it was not yet a moment because those muscle aches take a long time to heal, but now he is ready. ”Do you want your players to feel that it is the last chance to win the Champions League? “Of course not, they will have more opportunities. It is a great opportunity. We know the challenge we face. When you are going to die there are no more opportunities, but when you are alive you do not know what will happen. We have prepared both games. Be ourselves and play a great game. There is no special motivation. The desire to win has to be there, it’s one more game. ”His last confrontation with Madrid: “I remember 0-4 in Munich, but I remember from the Bernabéu that we played a good game, especially in the first part, but they came once and Benzema scored. It was pretty even, I would say. Madrid is now quite different from when I played or when I trained before, it is much more aggressive, press forward. It is a thing that they didn’t have so much before. The game still has it, plays very well. We will try to harm them at the points where we can. ”Hazard’s discharge: “I know very badly that I am not there. I had the honor of enjoying it in part and suffering in England. When you see it near you say “Wow, which player!” He was convinced that Madrid had made a stratospheric signings, but unfortunately he has stopped due to injuries. I wish it were. Wishing you a speedy recovery, of course. I am convinced that the Bernabéu will enjoy it. ” Club irregularities: “For a long time it was suspected of us, but what I said is that we have the right to appeal. I trust the people in my club, they have given me explanations, they have taught me the tests and we will appeal. We are optimistic that finally, if we deserve it, we can be in the Chamions because we have earned it in the field. If not, we will accept it and continue with the people you want to follow. We already resorted to another ruling as a club, we will see what happens in the TAS ”.The influence of luck: “You have to play well, that first. You have to be strong, have quality and, yes, be lucky. At a certain moment you have to be lucky and control what we can, then we’ll see. In this competition we have seen it. Hopefully football is fair for both sides, I don’t like to win if it’s not fair. ”Müller’s words about his method: “I have the obligation to know as much as possible about my rival. I haven’t played with Madrid for five years and I have an obligation to prepare it. They can never say that I have not prepared a match. ”Zidane considers him the best: “I want to thank you for your words and I don’t want to contradict you, but I am not. I have never pretended to be the best in my profession, I have never understood who is the best when the artists are the soccer players. Not when I started did I think about trying to be. When you win you have more praise and when you lose they value you less. What Zidane has done in Europe is not going to be repeated, or it will be very difficult. Winning three Champions in a row in this football demonstrates the greatness of this team, of this club. I have not been here, but I imagine that those who are know the weight of their history. The player who comes here knows that not winning the Champions League is almost, almost a great failure. That shows that in this competition there is no one better than them and it is a great challenge for us. We are convinced that we want to play against them, to see if we can live up to this competition. ”His best and his worst memory at the Bernabéu: “As a player, I played here many times. I have good memories, but to have won the first League, not here itself, but the League. I remember many moments, but it is not more special than other parties and other stadiums. ”last_img read more