AK A show more real than reality tv comes to Sitka

first_imgThe filmmakers plan to use framing, wide shots, and shadows to evoke the feelings of living in a remote community. (Driven Equation image)A pair of producers is hoping to put together a show that reflects a more authentic Alaskan experience than what is prevalent in reality television nowadays.The Sitka TV Show is just entering development, and its creators want to combine Hollywood know-how with local talent to produce a six-part anthology series that redefines how viewers see Alaskans.By now most Sitkans have seen the movie The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.And if you haven’t, well it will always be there for a rainy day. As a work of fiction, The Proposal is entertaining — and as a work of fiction its connection to reality, especially in Sitka where the story unfolds, is minimal. This scene where Betty White performs a Tlingit song by Sitka composer Ed Littlefield is a close as it gets.Except for some b-roll, the entire film was shot on the East Coast.“The main theme will be healing,” Thomaseto explained. He and co-producer Helena Sardinha want to explore the stories of six characters whose lives intertwine in Sitka. (KCAW photo/Robert Woolsey)“That’s why it’s so important for us to shoot it here,” said independent producer Helena Sardinha in remarks to the Sitka Chamber of Commerce. “Not to shoot it in Massachusetts and pretend that it’s here.”Sardinha and her partner Rafael Thomaseto are originally from Brazil, but are now Los Angeles-based independent filmmakers. The Sitka TV Show will be a work of fiction, but it is one they want to feel very grounded in the community. Sardinha describes Sitka as a character in the story.“There is a sense of honesty on the screen that will come through when we have actual Alaskan people working with us,” Sardinha said. “The vision that I have from Sitka, being from another country, is completely different than some of you guys here that live and breathe this air every day.”The project is scaled as an indie: Low budget, but with high expectations. The filmmakers want to assemble a cast and crew of about 20 people — half of whom are industry professionals — and about 50 extras. Their budget for the pilot episode is $291,000.The format, says Thomaseto, is anthology. Character studies of six individuals in an intertwined storyline.“We’re aiming to shoot a pilot now,” Thomaseto said. “And in the pilot we’ll have those six characters, five-to-six minutes for each, where their stories are interconnected, and then throughout the other episodes in the season, every episode is about one character only. And then the last one — sometime in the fall — would be about Alaska Day, and everyone comes together and we make a conclusion for the season.”The producers have hired a screenwriter to develop the stories, which should touch on themes like global warming, discrimination, crime and punishment, and women’s empowerment. So whatever the Sitka TV Show turns out to be, it won’t be Ice Road Truckers. Sardinha and Thomaseto came to Sitka at the invitation of family friends — Patricia Buak and her husband, Tony, who bought a restaurant here in 2015 and are backing the development of the show. Patricia Buak is billed as the show’s executive producer.In their presentation to the Sitka Chamber of Commerce, Sarhinha and Thomeseto were candid about the benefits of local sponsorship.“If we get the money from Hollywood or other international investors that we might connect with,” Sardinha explained, “that honesty that I was talking about before, and that realness, is not going to be on the screen.”The pair say their goal is to have their pilot episode purchased by a cable television network or a streaming service, which would fund the production of five more episodes over the course of the year — and create an  altogether different kind of proposal for the real town of Sitka.last_img read more

Grindr hookup couple get a HIV test – and one finds out

first_imgGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . It might sound like your worst, embarrassing nightmare. But it also may prevent you from getting HIV.That’s what a new short film series from London sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street.It follows Joe, played by Denholm Spurr, who despite his online persona of popularity and happiness – is actually quite lonely. So when he turns to Grindr to fill the gap, he gets more than he bargained for in his hookup Adam (Taofique Folarin).In part one of the series, played as part of Gay Star News’s Digital Pride, we follow their unlikely but adorable hookup. It’s the start of a sexy and budding romance. But it all turns awry when one of the pair gets a phone call in the morning with news of an STI. The end of the episode sees him march the pair of them to a clinic for an STI check-up.But in episode two, a simple case of Gonorrhea sees the duo having to deal with a positive HIV test and a month on emergency medication:[embedded content]‘If I don’t have to take a pill every day, then it’s like it’s not there’In episode one, Adam says he doesn’t need to get tested because he doesn’t have sex with people who would have HIV.‘Only having sex with people who you believe to be HIV-negative is a poor strategy,’ Matthew Hodson, Executive Director of Aids Map tells Gay Star News. When was the last time you went to a sexual health clinic for a HIV test – with a hookup? eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The pair hookup, but both get more than they bargain for | Photo: 56 Dean Street GAYSTARNEWS-center_img Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Advice for gay and bi men arranging to meet others via dating apps Hodson plays the sexual health worker in the video.‘But there are several safer sex strategies that gay men can adopt to remain HIV-negative. Not all of them are as effective as each other. As a single strategy, PrEP is the most effective. It’s a daily pill, if you take it as directed it’s almost 100% effective. Condoms have the additional benefit of preventing other STIs.’The writer of the series Pat Cash, who works at 56 Dean Street, says the clinic often sees guys who don’t identify as gay or even bi at the clinic but do have sex with men:‘They’d never meet up with anybody who says they’re living with HIV on Grindr; but paradoxically, if someone’s living with HIV and is undetectable on treatment there is zero risk of transmission, as opposed to the comparatively far higher risk of sleeping with a guy who doesn’t know his status and isn’t tested regularly.‘Of course, Adam isn’t aware of any of this information, and therefore his diagnosis is a complete surprise for him.‘The question is in Episode 2, will he allow the diagnosis to be a turning point for his life, or will he coop it up with his sexuality?’Read more from Gay Star News:This film sums up the hidden meaning of Grindr messages everywhere This film sums up the hidden meaning of Grindr messages everywhereDean Street clinic in London slashes appointments from 350 a day to just 75Dean Street Express: We want people without symptoms to order home-testing kits from now onRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/morning-after-hookup-hiv-test/last_img read more