Brand South Africa welcomes the newly appointed Board of Trustees

first_imgBrand South Africa welcomes the newly appointed Board of Trustees for the organisation as appointed by His Excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa. In terms of the Trust Deed, the Board is appointed for a period of three years, effective from 13 November 2019.These appointments come after a call for nominations for members to serve on the Board as advertised in August 2019.Brand South Africa is a Schedule 3A public entity and a Trust established in terms of the Trust Property Control Act, No. 57 of 1988 to develop and implement proactive and coordinated marketing, communication and reputation management strategies for South Africa.On Monday 18 November, Minister in the Presidency, Mr Jackson Mthembu and Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Ms Thembi Siweya welcomed the Trustees. Today the Board of Trustees met with employees and engaged with Brand South Afrifca’s Executive Management Team.“We are truly honoured to have such a diverse and well-versed Board who will bring the required expertise to Brand South Africa, and we look forward to working collaboratively with them. This journey is one that will ensure that the mandate set out for Brand South Africa is fulfilled, in line with President Ramaphosa’s vision of rebuilding South Africa for a prosperous future. This includes reviving the image and identity of South Africa to position the Nation Brand as not only the destination of choice for investment, but also as a global competitor”, said Brand South Africa’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ms Thulisile Manzini.The newly appointed Trustees were selected for their business acumen and expertise in the areas of marketing, communications, tourism, investment promotion, research development, law, risk management, finance, corporate governance, leadership, community development, business management, academics and reputation management.The newly appointed Trustees are:Ms Thandi Tobias – Chairperson of the BoardDr Keabetswe Modimoeng – Deputy ChairpersonMs Loretta Jacobus;Professor Ylva Rodny-Gumede;Ms Rachel Kalidass;Mr Mlungisi Johnson;Mr Bushang Modipane;Mr Johannes Sebulela;Ms Tebogo Mamorobela;Ms Sisanda Bukeka Nkoala;Mr Andrew Madella.Three Board Trustees will be returning for another term.Ms Muditambi Ravele;Dr Stavros Nicolaou;Mr Geoff Rothschild“I am humbled to have been called forward to take up this mammoth task to serve our country towards its aspired glory that showcases our global competitiveness. We also would like the nation to stand behind this brand called South Africa and support the narrative of a country that inspires new ways. This Board brings with it diverse expertise that will certainly cultivate the organisations’ strategic positioning, whilst ensuring we also contribute to the national key priorities for our country”, said Ms Thandi Tobias – Chairperson of the Board.Ms Tobias matriculated at Phiritona Secondary school and obtained an advanced diploma in Economic Policy from the University of the Western Cape. She also attained a Certificate in Economics and Public Finance from UNISA, as well as a Certificate in Leadership Communication from Rhodes University. Her career spans from being a Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, responsible for international trade, and Deputy Director Youth Development (Department of Tourism Economic and Environmental Affairs) DTEEA and various Portfolio Committees to mention but a few.Dr Keabetswe Modimoeng – the Deputy Chairperson, holds an MBA and PhD (Management Sciences) degrees. He is also a Harvard University Senior Executive Fellow and completed an Executive Development Programme from Wharton University and an Africa Director Programme at Stellenbosch University. He holds a National Diploma in Public Relations Management from the Tshwane University of Technology and a Certificate in Applied Project Management from Milpark Business School.Notes to the EditorAbout Brand South AfricaBrand South Africa is the official marketing agency of South Africa, with a mandate to build the country’s brand reputation, in order to improve its global competitiveness. Its aim is also to build pride and patriotism among South Africans, in order to contribute to social cohesion and nation brand ambassadorship.About Play Your PartPlay Your Part is a nationwide programme created to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship in South Africa.  It aims to lift the spirit of our nation by inspiring all South Africans to contribute to positive change, become involved and start doing. A nation of people who care deeply for one another and the environment in which they live is good for everyone.Play Your Part is aimed at all South Africans – from corporates and individuals, NGOs and government, churches and schools, from the young to the not-so-young.  It aims to encourage South Africans to use some of their time, money, skills or goods to contribute to a better future for all.For enquiries or interview requests contact Ntombi Ntanzi or 064 890 6819last_img read more

South African opera songbird soars around the globe

first_imgSouth African soprano Pumeza Matshikiza has sung in some of the world’s greatest opera houses, and gave a rare homecoming performance in Johannesburg in March 2017.  Pumeza Matshikiza, critically acclaimed opera star, grew up in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, listening to classical music on a portable radio. Today, she sings in some of the greatest operas throughout the world. (Image: Official Pumeza Matshikiza website)CD AndersonPumeza Matshikiza fortuitously stumbled upon opera as a child living in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Hearing a recording of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro while scanning for stations on a portable radio, it was love at first listen.“I was just transfixed,” Matshikiza told The Australian newspaper in 2016, “I thought, ‘what language are they singing in, how people can sing like this, are they angels?’”Following her dream to imitate those voices, a teenage Matshikiza began to find her voice while singing in church choirs.As a student at the University of Cape Town, she collaborated with South African-born composer Kevin Volans on a number of his works for the Handspring Puppet Theatre. It was Volans who urged her successful application for a young artist scholarship at the Royal College of Music in London.Her rise in the world of operaIn a 2014 interview with The Guardian newspaper, Matshikiza said her varied education in music and opera is “driven by the curiosity of how the human voice works to produce these beautiful sounds”.Matshikiza sang her first lead role with Germany’s Stuttgart State Opera Company, and then later performed around the world in a variety of productions including Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess at Milan’s famous La Scala opera house, and as Mimi, the lead soprano, in Puccini’s La Bohème, a role made famous by some of opera’s legendary sopranos including Maria Callas and Angela Gheorghiu.Matshikiza gained widespread acclaim for her performance during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, seen by a global television audience of over 20-million.She was also chosen to perform at the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and his South African-born bride Charlene Wittstock.Ever mindful of her South African roots, Matshikiza released her first album in 2014, titled Voice of Hope, which featured, in addition to stirring versions of some of opera’s most popular arias, unique operatic renditions of classic South African songs, including  Mariam Makeba’s Pata Pata/Click Song. The album was well received by fans across Europe and South Africa.Matshikiza recorded a second collection of lesser-known opera favourites titled Arias in 2016.An opera superstarIn the often stilted world of classical music, Matshikiza is hailed as a veritable game-changing superstar. Opera Magazine called her voice “dusky, overtone-rich, abundantly sensuous, the timbre has fullness, freshness and purity alloyed to the darker tones of an almost-Callas like palette.”Of her stage performances, the Financial Mail said Matshikiza “steals audiences’ hearts, her voice is smooth, rich, flexible, her manner open and unaffected, her dramatic instinct keen.”The Sunday Times in the UK said her performances had a “distinctive beauty of a special voice.”In 2016, Matshikiza was the subject of a short but detailed documentary film by British filmmaker Claire Oakley, titled Tuning In.In an extensive 2014 profile in the Daily Mail newspaper, Matshikiza describes her performances as holistic experiences, saying “you put so much energy into your voice when you sing opera music, it involves your whole body.”Returning homeWhile Matshikiza has been always eager to return to South Africa to live and perform, there are more opportunities in Europe which has a rich tradition of live classical music. She told The Guardian “there are times when I think I would love to (return permanently to South Africa), maybe after five, 10 years, who knows?”In addition to filming music videos for her album in South Africa, Matshikiza returns regularly to the country to visit her mother and, as she did recently, to perform.On 16 March 2017, she performed alongside an upcoming South African opera talent, soprano Noluvuyiso Mpofu, at a once-off recital at Johannesburg’s Linder Auditorium. She also gave a live performance for radio station 702.The performances were made possible by Motseng Investment Holdings, whose CEO, Ipeleng Mkhari is a prominent patron of the arts in South Africa.In her introduction to the Linder performance, Mkhari highlighted the prominence and importance of Matshikiza as an inspiration to South African women, adding that “as a pioneering black woman-owned organisation, we believe that South African black women in this musical genre have been somewhat overlooked and ours is to celebrate their globally recognised excellence, passion and talent.”On this point, Matshikiza herself holds very passionate views, explaining in the Daily Mail profile that she continues to use her platform as one of the world’s top opera singers and as a proudly African woman, to passionately advocate for women’s and children’s rights:“The way to move forward is to concentrate on education and the next generation. The one truth I hold on to is that life is about opportunities and being able to recognise and seize them, paths should be open to [women]. It would be a shame if, after all we’ve endured as a nation, our efforts come to nothing.”For more information on Matshikiza’s career and to hear more of her musical talent, visit her official website. Source: Pumeza Matshikiza official website, Guardian, 702 Radio  Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

Offline Gmail Becomes Standard Feature (But Still Uses Gears?)

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… This morning Google announced that “offline Gmail” is leaving the Gmail Labs testing area and will be implemented as a standard feature for all users. Once enabled, this feature allows you to access your Gmail even when no internet connection is available. You can read and respond to messages, star them or label them just as you would if you were online. When a connection is restored, all the changes you made are synced with Google’s servers and any messages in your Outbox are sent out. As of today, all Gmail users will now have this feature turned on by default, however those who have never used it before will need to configure it first in order to take advantage of the enhanced functionality.Gears Makes a Public DebutThe Labs section of Gmail is where experimental and in-development programs, add-ons, and extra features are housed, allowing Gmail users to switch them on or off as desired. Offline Gmail was one of those experiments, launched back in January of this year. Using Gears, an open source plug-in technology designed by Google, email messages are downloaded to your local machine when you switch to offline mode. Also, if your internet connection is dropped unexpectedly, offline Gmail is automatically enabled. In the year in which offline Gmail has been in testing, the company says they received a lot of feedback from users. Some of the requested features have already been implemented, including the ability to choose which messages get downloaded for offline use and the ability to send attachments while offline. According to the Google blog post, anyone who was already running the Labs version of offline Gmail won’t have to make any changes but those who had never turned on the setting will need to do the following: Click the “Settings” link in the top-right corner of Gmail. Click the “Offline” tab. Select “Enable Offline Mail for this computer.” Click “Save Changes” and follow the directions from there.But Isn’t Google Switching to HTML5?At first it seems like “graduating” offline Gmail from Labs is step in preparation for next year’s launch of Google Chrome OS, the web-based operating system that ditches the desktop, the hard drive, and computer applications for a web browser where everything users access lives online. Because online applications require an internet connection to work, there have been some concerns as to how functional this OS will be in a world that is not yet blanketed in Wi-Fi or 3G. Since Google has made no mention of built-in hardware providing 3G and cellular access as a backup to Wi-Fi, there will be a lot of programs that simply don’t work when you go offline… that is, except for the programs that Google develops itself. The company has already implemented its Gears plug-in on two other products in addition to Gmail: Google Reader and Google Docs. Meanwhile, other companies have also adopted the technology including online office suite Zoho and to-do list app Remember the Milk. What’s odd about this launch of Google Gears into primetime via Gmail is that this seems to conflict a bit with what Google execs announced last month regarding the company’s plans for its upcoming operating system, Chrome OS. During the Q&A session at the end of the press event, an audience member asked about Google Gears support to which Google’s vice president of product management, Sundar Pichai, replied by saying that Chrome OS will take advantage of HTML5 for local storage. He made no mention of Gears.HTML5, a proposed revision to HTML, the markup language of the World Wide Web, includes offline storage as one of its many new features. And it’s this specification that Google plans to support in the future, not Gears, according to numerous reports. For example, in a recent article in the L.A. Times, a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying: “We are excited that much of the technology in Gears, including offline support and geolocation APIs, are being incorporated into the HTML5 spec as an open standard supported across browsers, and see that as the logical next step for developers looking to include these features in their websites.”Also, Linus Upson, the engineering director at Google told PC Magazine that the company was abandoning its work on Gears 2, the next version of the plug-in, and will be focused on HTML5 instead. “You can almost think of what’s in HTML5, with app cache, and database, and those things, as essentially Gears [version] 2,” he said. “That’s how we view it.” Upson noted, too, that the company would be able to influence the adoption of HTML5 through their web browser, Google Chrome, the foundation of the new Chrome OS. “Now that we’re a browser vendor, we can help move HTML5 forward not as a plug-in, but as part of Chrome,” Upson said.So in other words, the Gears functionality being switched on now in Gmail may not be the same technology used a year from now when Google Chrome OS hits the market. That begs the question: why bother? If Google plans to replace Gears with HTML5 in the near future what’s the point of rolling out the soon-to-be abandoned plug-in to all its users now? Will Gears and HTML5 converge somehow or will Google just rip out the plug-in in favor of HTML5’s “plug-in-less” technology instead? Let us know what you think in the comments. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting sarah perezcenter_img Related Posts Tags:#cloud computing#Google#news#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Hiring People Based on Their Deficiencies

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now My first book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need, is a competency model. It covers 9 main attributes or behaviors successful salespeople tend to possess in large enough quantities to do well. It also covers 8 skills that salespeople need to create and win opportunities. There are 17 elements in all, and it makes for a good lens through which to view salespeople.The lens that a competency model provides allows you to understand why a person may be struggling and what you can do to improve performance. And here is the thing: no one has all of these competencies at the highest level, and everyone has deficiencies in some of them. You can be the most disciplined person in the world, and not be as resourceful as you need to be. You can be resourceful, and still not take initiative, choosing to be reactive and living in your inbox.This is true of the skills as well. You might be very good at prospecting and still lack the business acumen that makes you a trusted advisor. You might also do well at diagnosing, but struggle to gain commitments.Everyone you hire will have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the competencies necessary for the role for which you are considering them. This means you have to ask yourself two questions:Does this person have the competencies that they need to succeed in this role?The answer to this question is always, “Yes, some of them.” If you look at the role of leader, you are looking at competencies that cover so much territory that it is hard to judge an individual. Charisma? Vision? Integrity? Business acumen? Strategic thinking? Record of producing results? Competitive?All of these are important, and you will find each of them at different levels in different individuals. No one is going to score 100 percent on every competency. Which means we must ask a different question:Can I develop the other competencies or live without them?You are not going to hire perfect people. You are going to hire people who need to develop in some areas. You are hiring human beings, and we all have deficiencies. One of the decisions you are making when you hire is the decision as to whether you can help them improve in some area or mitigate the damage the deficiency causes.If you are hiring for an opportunity creating salesperson, an aversion to prospecting would be a deficiency that you cannot accept. It is the critical aspect of the role. But you may decide that you can live with a deficiency in their business acumen, because your company has the ability to develop that in your salespeople.If you are hiring an account manager, that prospecting deficiency isn’t going to be a problem, but a lack of communication, caring, or accountability may be deficiencies that would cause that individual to struggle, or be better suited for another role.To hire well, you need to look as closely at the deficiencies as the competencies. Looking only at the competencies and not the deficiencies is how you make hiring mistakes—and it’s how you lose time.last_img read more

July 5 2000 Last month Alumni came back for a wor

first_imgJuly 5, 2000Last month Alumnicame back for a working reunion. This year the alumni focused their attentionon helping the Consanti Foundation update their database. There was talk of expandingtheir Web presence. Officers were elected, president: George Kosmides, treasurer:Chris Anderson, and the new secretary is Ruth-Claire Weintraub. Thanks for everyonewho came! We love you! Others in the photo: ArtAllsworth, Derek and Doctress Neutopia. Special thanks to Arcosanti Alumniwebmaster, Lou Dallara, who during the week helped to set up our new computernetwork. Photo by Lou Dallara.last_img read more

Rep Wentworth holds first Military and Veterans Affairs Committee meeting

first_img28Feb Rep. Wentworth holds first Military and Veterans Affairs Committee meeting State Rep. Jason Wentworth, of Clare, today held the first meeting of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.The committee heard testimony on a bill to require veteran employment preference at state veteran homes.“Today’s meeting was incredibly valuable in educating committee members about the importance of veterans caring for veterans,” said Rep. Wentworth, a U.S. Army veteran and former regional coordinator for the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. “I look forward to taking on many more veteran issues with my colleagues on this committee as the year progresses. “One of my main priorities for this committee is to help improve the way we deliver benefits and services to our states veterans”The House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee meets weekly on Thursdays at noon in room 327 of the House Office Building. The purpose of the committee is to deliberate on various policy issues that relate to the state’s veterans and military members.### Categories: Wentworth Newslast_img read more