Magnificent Taylor pushes Windies to big win

first_img SCOREBOARD BATTING CHARM VIJAYAWADA, India (CMC): Captain Stafanie Taylor returned to form and West Indies Women to their winning ways, as they rolled over India Women by six wickets in the opening Twenty20 International of the three-match series, to claim their first win of an otherwise dismal tour here yesterday. The right-handed stroke-maker carved out a brilliant 90 off 51 balls to fall just short of her maiden T20 century as the visitors clinically chased down a target of 151, with five balls to spare at the Mulapadu Cricket Stadium. Her runs proved precious as no other batter passed 20, again reiterating the challenges the Windies Women have experienced with their batting on the ongoing tour, where they suffered a 3-0 whitewash in the one-day series. New ball bowler Shikha Pandey was the best bowler with three for 31. Earlier, skipper Harmanpreet Kaur stroked an unbeaten 68, while Veda Krishnamurthy struck 50 as the hosts, opting to bat first, posted 150 for four off their allotted 20 overs. With their slide stumbling at 28 for two in the sixth over, the pair came together to add 88 for the third wicket and rally the innings. Both right-handers, Kaur stroked six fours and three sixes in a 50-ball knock, while Krishnamurthy faced 46 deliveries and counted six fours and a six. When Krishnamurthy became the second of seamer Shakera Selman’s two wickets in the 17th over, Kaur and Jhulan Goswami (11 not out) put on an important 21 off 15 balls for the fourth wicket to end the innings strongly. In reply, Taylor took immediate control of the run chase for West Indies Women, anchoring a series of partnerships to ensure her side victory. Returning to her opening slot after mostly batting one-down in the three-match series where she managed just 48 runs, Taylor displayed all of her batting charm as she hammered 12 fours and three sixes in an attractive innings. She put on 31 off 24 balls for the first wicket with Hayley Matthews (18), 40 off 39 balls for the second wicket with Britney Cooper (16) before dominating a 70-run fourth wicket stand off 41 balls with former skipper Merissa Aguilleira who made 15. Her stand with Aguilleira put the contest firmly in West Indies Women’s favour and even when both fell in the 18th over, the result was all but done and dusted. The second T20I is set to start at 11:30pm tonight. INDIA WOMENcenter_img V Vanitha lbw b Selman 3 S Mandhana c wkp Aguilleira b Dottin 11 V Krishnamurthy c Kycia A Knight b Selman 50 *H Kaur not out 68 J Goswami c Selman b Nation 11 A Patil not out 0 Extras (lb2, w4, nb1) 7 TOTAL (4 wkts, 20 overs) 150 Did not bat: E Bisht, S Pandey, P Yadav, P Bose, +N Parween. Fall of wickets: 1-4, 2-28, 3-116, 4-137. Bowling: Selman 4-0-26-2 (w2, nb1), Dottin 4-0-19-1, Matthews 4-0-14-0, Mohammed 2-0-19-0, Fletcher 2-0-26-0 (w1), Nation 4-0-44-1 (w1). WEST INDIES WOMEN H Matthews c Bisht b Pandey 18 *S Taylor b Pandey 90 B Cooper st Parween b Preeti Bose 16 +M Aguilleira c Vanitha b Pandey 15 D Dottin not out 11 Kycia Knight not out 2 Extras (w2) 2 TOTAL (4 wkts, 19.1 overs) 154 Did not bat: S Quintyne, A Mohammed, S Selman, C Nation, A Fletcher. Fall of wickets: 1-31, 2-71, 3-141, 4-142. Bowling: Goswami 4-0-29-0, Pandey 4-0-31-3 (w2), Bisht 2-0-16-0, Patil 3.1-0-27-0, Poonam Yadav 2-0-19-0, Preeti Bose 3-0-20-1, Kaur 1-0-12-0.last_img read more

Council of Europe Officially Condemns Creationism and I.D.

first_imgA lengthy and strident policy document was issued by the Council of Europe denouncing creationism.  The summary statement makes it clear there is no compromise possible, because “religious fundamentalists” are behind it, and that creationism and intelligent design must be firmly and unequivocally opposed.  Evolution, by contrast, is given supreme status as the explanation for everything:The theory of evolution is being attacked by religious fundamentalists who call for creationist theories to be taught in European schools alongside or even in place of it.  From a scientific view point there is absolutely no doubt that evolution is a central theory for our understanding of the Universe and of life on Earth.    Creationism in any of its forms, such as “intelligent design”, is not based on facts, does not use any scientific reasoning and its contents are pathetically inadequate for science classes.    The Assembly calls on education authorities in member States to promote scientific knowledge and the teaching of evolution and to oppose firmly any attempts at teaching creationism as a scientific discipline.The document issued June 8 contains 18 sections of a Draft Resolution with recommendations, and 105 numbered sections of an Explanatory Memorandum written by one Mr. Guy Lengagne, elaborating on these themes.  Creationism is continually portrayed as a “threat” to education, democracy and human rights, and therefore it must be stopped at all costs.  The warfare motif appears often.  In the Draft Resolution:1.    The Parliamentary Assembly is worried about the possible ill-effects of the spread of creationist theories within our education systems and about the consequences for our democracies.  If we are not careful, creationism could become a threat to human rights, which are a key concern of the Council of Europe….12.    The war on the theory of evolution and on its proponents most often originates in forms of religious extremism which are closely allied to extreme right-wing political movements.  The creationist movements possess real political power.  The fact of the matter, and this has been exposed on several occasions, is that the advocates of strict creationism are out to replace democracy by theocracy….14.    The teaching of all phenomena concerning evolution as a fundamental scientific theory is therefore crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies.  For that reason it must occupy a central position in the curriculum, and especially in the science syllabus…..Notice also that creationism is linked to political conservatism.  The Explanatory Memorandum adds,89.    ….The theory of evolution constitutes a body of fundamental knowledge for the future of our democracies and cannot be arbitrarily challenged.….94.    ….The teaching of evolution by natural selection as a fundamental scientific theory is therefore crucial to the future of our societies and our democracies….Given the central importance of evolution to the future of democracy, the authors of this document must have been convinced that the evidence is strong and incontrovertible.  To what evidence, therefore, did they turn?  The part that most directly addresses this question is paragraph 12 of the Explanatory Memorandum:12.    There is a considerable body of scientific evidence concerning evolution.  Scientists have shown that evolution is a fact because ofthe evidence provided by palaeontological data,the numerous cases of characteristics shared by organisms with a common ancestor,the reality of continental drift,direct observations of genetic changes in populations.13.    It should be pointed out that the human being is just one of the links in the long chain of evolution.This list is surprising, because since Darwin’s time and even more so today, paleontology has been one of the weakest sources of evidence for evolution, and today, genetics remains a source of heated controversy and contention – so much so, that creationists and intelligent design proponents have been using both of these as effective hammers against evolutionary theory (e.g., next entry).  Also, continental drift has nothing to do with evolution, and asserting that organisms share characteristics, or that humans are “links in the long chain of evolution,” merely restates what the document is trying to prove.    The document elaborates on the alleged evidences in the subsequent paragraphs.  The only other evidences cited in favor of evolution are bacterial resistance and the adaptation of organisms to their environments.  Neither of these, however, is doubted by creationists.  Bacterial resistance is due to loss of genetic specificity, they would say, and would argue that the fit of organisms to their environment points to design, not evolution.    Sections 23-28 deal with the “rules of science” argument.  Excerpts:24.    ….science is the totality of operations that produce objective knowledge.  A statement on the world can only be described as objective if it has been verified by an independent observer.  This verification depends on three factors: scepticism, rationality and logic and, finally, methodological materialism.  These three pillars ensure the objectivity of a scientific result.25.    Scientific research on the subject of evolution has been no exception.Yet whenever the leading proponents of intelligent design, many of whom have one or more PhDs in the sciences from prestigious universities, try to practice this skepticism using rational and logical arguments, they are routinely shut out of the debate.  Furthermore, no modern philosopher of science would accept uncritically the claim that science produces objective knowledge, and many would differ with the view that methodological materialism is essential to science.  That was certainly not the case with the founders of science nor with many practicing scientists today.  It is, in fact, what Darwin skeptics point to as a straitjacket that forces conclusions contrary to the evidence.  Methodological materialism becomes indistinguishable in practice from philosophical materialism, they argue, when design is prohibited as a cause.    The bulk of the document (sections 29-79) details the threat posed by the rise of creationism in Europe, country by country.  The writings of Harun Yahya in Turkey are given particular scorn, but no distinction is made in any creationist material: Christian, old-earth, young-earth, Muslim, scientific, intelligent design.  All creationism is portrayed as equally flawed and equally contemptible.    Sections 80 to the end claim that creationism is harmful to education.  To the degree creationism is a threat to democracy, human rights, social justice, rationality, scientific progress and every other kind of good, evolution is lifted up as the greatest salve for every ill, the greatest positive force in civilization, the great unifying theory of science and the greatest answer to every question in the Universe.    In short, “The truth and scientific nature of evolution remain irrefutable today,” states paragraph 89, and introducing creationist ideas would only bring “confusion” into the classroom.  Creationism, which is equated to religious fundamentalism, contributes to “The total rejection of science” which is “definitely one of the most serious threats to human rights and civic rights.” (Resolution, 11).    So what should be done?  The end of the Draft Resolution makes the following recommendations:18.    The Parliamentary Assembly therefore urges the member states, and especially their education authorities, to:18.1.    defend and promote scientific knowledge;18.2.    strengthen the teaching of the foundations of science, its history, its epistemology and its methods alongside the teaching of objective scientific knowledge;18.3.    make science more comprehensible, more attractive and closer to the realities of the contemporary world;18.4.    firmly oppose the teaching of creationism as a scientific discipline on an equal footing with the theory of evolution by natural selection and in general resist presentation of creationist theories in any discipline other than religion;18.5.    promote the teaching of evolution by natural selection as a fundamental scientific theory in the school curriculum.Creation groups would heartily endorse the first three points, but would notice a strange disconnect starting at 18.4.    The resolution concludes by saying, “The Assembly welcomes the fact that, in June 2006, 27 Academies of Science of Council of Europe member states signed a declaration on the teaching of evolution and calls on academies of science that have not yet done so to sign the declaration.”  One would be hard pressed to find any other scientific theory that requires a declaration by political entities for its support.    What is the Council of Europe?1  Founded in 1949, it “seeks to develop throughout Europe common and democratic principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights and other reference texts on the protection of individuals.”  The COE currently has 48 member states and 5 observer countries, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico and the Vatican.    A former Soviet dissident writing for the Brussels Journal fears that the European Union in general is headed for a dictatorship.  Calling it a monster that must be destroyed, that is endangering freedoms, he said “What you observe, taken into perspective, is a systematic introduction of ideology which could later be enforced with oppressive measures.”Update 07/12/2007: The ACLJ reported that its sister organization in Europe defeated the resolution from being adopted on the grounds it violated freedom of expression, free exercise of religion, and academic freedom.  Their document calling for defeat of the proposal was published online.1The Committee on Culture, Science and Education that voted for the resolution on May 31 included 30 voting members, though an equal or greater number of members were not present to vote.  There was one vote against it and one abstention.  The Explanatory Memorandum of Mr. Lengagne relied heavily on works by Pascal Picq (paleoanthropologist) and Jacques Arnoult, a researcher at the French National Centre for Space Studies and a Dominican monk.  For documentation on the opposition, “a number of articles on creationism as seen by its supporters were found on the internet,” none of which were listed.The COE’s angry tirade reads like Mein Kampf, a ridiculous rant by a madman who was only a threat when he gained power.  Similarly, this document is easily refuted on every point (mountains of rebuttals in 7 years of these pages), and is almost laughable in its shallowness.  But give the Darwin Party power to enforce these views, and this is easily the kind of policy that could produce persecution.  Talk about human rights: there are some radical Darwinists who feel so strongly about this they would put creationists in zoos (at best) and kill them for thinking unDarwinian thoughts (at worst).  How completely inverted to point to creationists as a threat to human rights and democracy, when we just endured the bloodiest century in the history of man with states dedicated to advancing Charles Darwin’s dangerous idea.  Theocracy?  Try atheocracy.    Aware of charges like this, paragraph 87 tries to distance evolution from “social Darwinism,” calling the latter an aberration: “Social Darwinism is an ideology that claims to have been inspired by Darwin but it has nothing to do with the Darwinian theory of evolution” (italics theirs).  Darwin “is not responsible for the deviations from his theory after his death,” they shouted: “It is absolutely scandalous to present Darwin as the father of terrorism, and that may sow doubt and bewilderment in the minds of many young and inexperienced individuals.”  They point to the wars that were done in the name of religion.    Must we repeat?  There is a direct line of reasoning from “survival of the fittest” to social Darwinism, eugenics (Francis Galton = Charlie’s cousin) and the totalitarian regimes Darwin inspired (Stalin read The Origin and became an atheist).  By contrast, there is no way anyone can get religious war and theocracy out of the teachings of Jesus (blessed are the meek, love your neighbor as yourself, pray for those who persecute you, turn the other cheek, greater love has no man than one lay down his life for his friends).  Jesus taught dying to oneself and serving others, submitting oneself to God in meekness and humility.  Past wars in the “name of Jesus” stemmed from corruptions of His teachings by power-hungry leaders of institutions.  (Most of such wars arguably stemmed from political and economic factors primarily, with religious differences as a tacked-on rationalization; e.g., the Thirty Years’ War.)  The totalitarian leaders of communism and nazism, by contrast, looked to Darwin as their hero and the one who provided a “scientific justification” for their actions.    As an example of the shallowness of the COE document, look at their treatment of “evolutionary psychology” in paragraph 90:90.    It is important to point out that the theory of evolution has had a profound effect on science in general, philosophy, religion and many other aspects of human society (for example, agriculture).  Evolution has also entered the field of psychology: evolutionist psychology is a field of psychology that aims to explain the mechanisms of human thought on the basis of the theory of biological evolution.  It is based on the fundamental hypothesis that the brain, like all the other organs, is the result of evolution and thus constitutes an adaptation to specific environmental constraints, to which the ancestors of the Hominidae were forced to respond.It seems to escape the notice of dear Mr. Lengagne that he has just shot his argument in the foot.  We’ve explained this so many times here, this time let’s let Dr. Michael Egnor do it for us: see Evolution News.  Lengagne’s treatment of the Galileo Affair and the Scopes Trial are also pathetically uninformed.    There is no part of the COE’s arsenal against creationism that has not been disarmed or turned right back against the Darwinist stronghold.  It would make a good term paper or debate topic for a reader to respond to it point by point.  He or she would find plenty of documentation right here in these pages.  While you’re at it, try to find one example among the reputable groups promoting creationism or intelligent design that wants only creationism taught in the schools.  All want both sides to be heard, as long as they are taught accurately and honestly – so did Charlie himself.  As always, it is the liberal progressives, be they stem-cell advocates, abortion advocates, homosexual advocates, open-borders advocates, global warming advocates, tolerance advocates, political correctness advocates and Darwinism advocates, who want to shut off debate and have their views imposed by political declaration or court decision.  They have a miserable track record on free speech.  Conservatives, especially creationists and intelligent design advocates, are asking for a chance to be heard – to debate the issues.  Darwinism is a huge issue.  It needs to be discussed with all the evidence and logic and reason the best minds can muster.    Using this document as a prime example, ask yourself if there is any group in the world you know of that routinely gets more angry lambaste than creationists.  In these days of political correctness, you can advocate and practice any weird or evil belief you want and usually get away with it: any sexual deviation, pagan sun worship at solstice festivals, parades of shame and flaunting of the most irrational or weird or downright stupid idea or behavior, and people will either look the other way or actually cheer you on.  Not even teachers who have sex with their students or child pornographers are getting this much official condemnation.  But try to pass some evidence against Charlie using reason, logic and evidence, and the hate speech is unbelievable.    And is this not hate speech?  The Council of Europe and the U.N. appear more forgiving and tolerant of suicide bombers than they are of creationists.  (Notice also how the intelligent design movement has made absolutely no headway in trying to distinguish their views from “creationism.”  To the Darwin Party, there is no difference whatsoever, despite book after book after book explaining why I.D. only is trying to answer the question if design can be inferred using scientific methods.)  To the radical Darwiniacs, any hint of trying to tarnish the reputation of Father Charlie is cause enough to bring on the full wrath of the Western World.    But the “official ” Western World is not the “real” Western World.  Despite their power and official status, the radical Darwinists are a minority.  Most people don’t buy their line.  A recent poll reported by USA Today showed that 2/3 of Americans still trust creation more than evolution, despite decades of strict indoctrination in the public schools.    Encouraging as that is, let history quickly remind us that fanatics with power affect the world more than silent majorities.  In each case of the worst 20th century genocidal totalitarian regimes, whether Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or any of the others, the revolutionaries were usually more motivated, better organized and more ruthless than the majority.  Lenin’s followers called themselves “Bolsheviks” (majority) when they were actually a minority.  The Russian White Army, despite valiant efforts, was no match for the radical revolutionaries with their lies, propaganda, purges, assassinations, publicity stunts, chicanery and subversive tactics.  (For Mr. Lengagne’s education, we would like to point out that Mao was one of the very few genocidal maniacs of the 20th century who did not study in France.)    A totalitarian regime’s strategy for gaining and holding power is to whip up the masses with hatred and fear of a perceived threat.  We see now the radical Darwinists refusing to debate, refusing to reason, and refusing to listen; instead, they are trying to whip up the nations of the world into a frenzy over a perceived threat from creationists.  If you are the target, you may have thought you were just trying to get somebody to listen to reason and look at some evidence, but no: you are a bogeyman, and bogeymen are fair game.    As we have said before, do not think for a moment that the evils of radical Darwinism were exhausted by the atrocities of the 20th century.  In the Information Age, where your location can be tracked by GPS and there is no place to hide, where you could be implanted with mind-altering devices and coerced with new scientific tortures, the potential for abuse could make the Stalin era look like a picnic.  If the COE really means what it says that social Darwinism and communism and nazism were perverted deviations and wrong, let them (1) denounce these regimes in the strongest of terms, (2) say “never again ”will they allow such ideas to ever gain sway, and (3) explain exactly why evolutionary psychology, morals and philosophy invariably lead to peace on earth and gentle brotherhood.  It cannot be done.    Poor Christians and Jews: the hatred comes from all sides.  The radical Muslims hate them for doubting Mohammed.  The radical Darwinists hate them for doubting Darwin.  Such irrational hatred boggles the mind.  That fact alone should cause someone to ponder that something strange is going on.  Could they be doing something right?    Jesus predicted, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.” (John 15:18-19).  He noted, “They hated me without reason.”  If the radical Darwinists and Muslims had a reason for their hatred, Christians should be the ones repenting and confessing their sins.  Since they do not, we can take comfort that Jesus said, shortly before receiving the most brutal treatment man could bring on a person – death on a cross – “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).    So join the Christian Recipients of Hate Society.  You’ll be in good company.  Till that day, recall too that for years Jesus employed reason and evidence in public debate.  Those are also good footsteps to follow.(Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

The road to the National FFA Convention

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Meredith Oglesby, OCJ FFA reporterEach year, six individuals are chosen to serve the National FFA Organization for the coming year. The process of becoming a national officer is rigorous and the preparation begins months before. Koleson McCoy, of the Global Impact STEM Academy and past State President will represent Ohio as the national officer candidate at the 92nd National FFA Convention and Expo, Oct. 30- Nov. 2.Reflecting on the memories of his FFA experiences, McCoy is thankful for his decision to attend the STEM academy when it opened in Clark County, which gave him the opportunity to be involved in an agricultural education program.“Initially, being in the Clark Shawnee District, I was going to attend a high school that did not have an agriculture program,” McCoy said. “However, my freshman year there was a brand-new school that had opened and was focused on bioscience curriculum and applying agriculture to STEM based curriculum.”Through career development events (CDEs) such as extemporaneous public speaking, job interview and food science and technology as well as serving as a chapter officer and competing in the AgriScience Fair, McCoy fell in love with the opportunities available through the FFA organization.“As a young member in the FFA you always hear from older members how amazing the organization is, and how it had changed their life for the better,” McCoy said. “It really wasn’t until I had gone to national convention for the first time that I realized what I was a part of. The breadth and depth of the organization was so much more than I had realized in a very positive way.”McCoy is using what he learned while serving as the 2017-2018 State Secretary and the 2018-2019 State President to guide the preparation process.“I learned how to intentionally begin to look around me searching for ways to serve other people,” McCoy said. “Often, it is easy to focus upon the progression in our personal and professional lives but learning to seek after what we can to other people is the most fulfilling.”McCoy went through an interview process to be elected as Ohio’s national officer candidate and has spent the past several months studying and preparing. The preparation process has reinforced my belief in the purpose of our organization, McCoy said.“What the FFA embodies is the investment into those young student leaders, so everything from the agricultural educator in a classroom to the candidates running for national office I see that purpose shine through,” he said.If elected to national office, McCoy would serve more than 700,000 FFA members across the United States, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The national officers serve as student representatives for the National FFA Board of Directors, keynote speakers for state conventions while also facilitating workshops and engaging in industry sponsor tours.“I want to be an authentic advocate for our industry and partners, a driving force of our mission and progression as an organization, and a kind friend to those in and out of the blue jacket,” McCoy said. “That, I truly believe would be my greatest accomplishment as a national officer and it’s what pushes me to pursue leadership at the national level for FFA.”The FFA has been key in allowing McCoy grow, develop and define who he would like to become.“My involvement in this organization has led to a strong sense of self-knowledge, leadership self-efficacy, and set me up to pursue a career in the agricultural industry that I have some to have a deep sense of appreciation for,” McCoy said.Now, as a student at The Ohio State University studying agricultural business and applied economics with a minor in political science, McCoy is excited to study and pursue a career in the agricultural industry.“I have always told myself as long as I can be engaged in the agricultural industry, travel and interact with people, I am content,” McCoy said. “The aspiration of potentially working for Farm Bureau or the United States Department of Agriculture has always sparked my interest.”When McCoy isn’t busy with school or studying for national office, he enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Often times he can be found working on structural projects or landscaping around his farm.The Ohio FFA Association wishes McCoy the best of luck as the Ohio national officer candidate. The election results will be announced on Nov. 2 during the eighth general session of the National FFA Convention and Expo.last_img read more

Offline Gmail Becomes Standard Feature (But Still Uses Gears?)

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… This morning Google announced that “offline Gmail” is leaving the Gmail Labs testing area and will be implemented as a standard feature for all users. Once enabled, this feature allows you to access your Gmail even when no internet connection is available. You can read and respond to messages, star them or label them just as you would if you were online. When a connection is restored, all the changes you made are synced with Google’s servers and any messages in your Outbox are sent out. As of today, all Gmail users will now have this feature turned on by default, however those who have never used it before will need to configure it first in order to take advantage of the enhanced functionality.Gears Makes a Public DebutThe Labs section of Gmail is where experimental and in-development programs, add-ons, and extra features are housed, allowing Gmail users to switch them on or off as desired. Offline Gmail was one of those experiments, launched back in January of this year. Using Gears, an open source plug-in technology designed by Google, email messages are downloaded to your local machine when you switch to offline mode. Also, if your internet connection is dropped unexpectedly, offline Gmail is automatically enabled. In the year in which offline Gmail has been in testing, the company says they received a lot of feedback from users. Some of the requested features have already been implemented, including the ability to choose which messages get downloaded for offline use and the ability to send attachments while offline. According to the Google blog post, anyone who was already running the Labs version of offline Gmail won’t have to make any changes but those who had never turned on the setting will need to do the following: Click the “Settings” link in the top-right corner of Gmail. Click the “Offline” tab. Select “Enable Offline Mail for this computer.” Click “Save Changes” and follow the directions from there.But Isn’t Google Switching to HTML5?At first it seems like “graduating” offline Gmail from Labs is step in preparation for next year’s launch of Google Chrome OS, the web-based operating system that ditches the desktop, the hard drive, and computer applications for a web browser where everything users access lives online. Because online applications require an internet connection to work, there have been some concerns as to how functional this OS will be in a world that is not yet blanketed in Wi-Fi or 3G. Since Google has made no mention of built-in hardware providing 3G and cellular access as a backup to Wi-Fi, there will be a lot of programs that simply don’t work when you go offline… that is, except for the programs that Google develops itself. The company has already implemented its Gears plug-in on two other products in addition to Gmail: Google Reader and Google Docs. Meanwhile, other companies have also adopted the technology including online office suite Zoho and to-do list app Remember the Milk. What’s odd about this launch of Google Gears into primetime via Gmail is that this seems to conflict a bit with what Google execs announced last month regarding the company’s plans for its upcoming operating system, Chrome OS. During the Q&A session at the end of the press event, an audience member asked about Google Gears support to which Google’s vice president of product management, Sundar Pichai, replied by saying that Chrome OS will take advantage of HTML5 for local storage. He made no mention of Gears.HTML5, a proposed revision to HTML, the markup language of the World Wide Web, includes offline storage as one of its many new features. And it’s this specification that Google plans to support in the future, not Gears, according to numerous reports. For example, in a recent article in the L.A. Times, a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying: “We are excited that much of the technology in Gears, including offline support and geolocation APIs, are being incorporated into the HTML5 spec as an open standard supported across browsers, and see that as the logical next step for developers looking to include these features in their websites.”Also, Linus Upson, the engineering director at Google told PC Magazine that the company was abandoning its work on Gears 2, the next version of the plug-in, and will be focused on HTML5 instead. “You can almost think of what’s in HTML5, with app cache, and database, and those things, as essentially Gears [version] 2,” he said. “That’s how we view it.” Upson noted, too, that the company would be able to influence the adoption of HTML5 through their web browser, Google Chrome, the foundation of the new Chrome OS. “Now that we’re a browser vendor, we can help move HTML5 forward not as a plug-in, but as part of Chrome,” Upson said.So in other words, the Gears functionality being switched on now in Gmail may not be the same technology used a year from now when Google Chrome OS hits the market. That begs the question: why bother? If Google plans to replace Gears with HTML5 in the near future what’s the point of rolling out the soon-to-be abandoned plug-in to all its users now? Will Gears and HTML5 converge somehow or will Google just rip out the plug-in in favor of HTML5’s “plug-in-less” technology instead? Let us know what you think in the comments. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting sarah perezcenter_img Related Posts Tags:#cloud computing#Google#news#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Liberation Day

first_img“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now Today is July 4, 2018. Here in the United States, we are celebrating Independence Day, the day we cut the ties that bound us to another people and set off on our own. The Founders liberated us and set us on the new course. At that time, no one knew how long this experiment would last, or if it would succeed at all.This is my favorite holiday of all holidays. It’s a day of liberation. It is my opinion that true success begins and ends with liberation.You first must liberate yourself from all of the infections you have acquired as you’ve gone through life. You have to liberate yourself from cynicism, pessimism, and negative thinking. These beliefs systems will enslave you with limited thinking and disempower you.You have to liberate yourself from the countless ways your mind tries to protect your ego and your identity. For example, the tendency to look at others as to find blame for your circumstances, placing yourself in the role of victim—and giving up your power and your agency. Or things like confirmation bias, which causes you to seek information that confirms the beliefs that your current situation is not of your making while refusing to find credible any information to the contrary. If you feel right now that what you are reading is wrong, that your condition is not of your own making and there is an “other” somewhere to blame, you may recognize some truth here.You also must liberate yourself from apathy and complacency, failing to use the gifts you have been given to their full effects. Finding meaning and purpose in your life is a form of liberation but doing so is not something someone else gives you; it is a decision you make to pour your whole self into some endeavor of your choosing—and likely on that makes a difference for others.last_img read more

21 Bangladeshi nationals deported from Assam

first_imgThe border police in southern Assam’s Karimganj district on Saturday deported 21 Bangladeshis who had been detained for illegally entering India.Officials in Karimganj district said the 21, including two women, were sent back from the Sutarkandi border check post after approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs. They were handed over to Bangladesh authorities who had confirmed they were from Syllhet and Kishoreganj districts of the country.“They were detained for violation of the Passport Act over the past few months and kept at the detention camp in Silchar Central Jail. Six of them were held in Cachar district and 11 in Karimganj,” a police officer who handled the deportation process said.In July last year, 52 Bangladeshi nationals were deported from the Mankachar sector of the Assam-Bangladesh border. They were ‘convicted foreigners’, arrested for not possessing valid travel documents or for cross-border crimes.last_img read more

Former Pak president Zardaris daughter alleges manhandling on her visit to meet

first_imgIslamabad: Former Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari’s daughter has alleged manhandling by police when she went to meet him in hospital, saying that she was not allowed to meet her father who was sent back to jail despite being seriously ill, according to a media report. Zardari, 64, was shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) from Adiala Jail for medical checkup on Thursday after his son Bilawal Bhutto blamed the Imran Khan government of denying him medical facilities in the prison. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US However, Zardari, who is also the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman, was shifted back to the jail. Aseefa, during a press conference on Friday, said that the health condition of her father required him to stay in hospital for further tests and treatment, the Dawn newspaper reported. Three of his arteries are completely blocked. He is suffering from severe spinal issues and other ailments, she said. “Denial of medical right is denial of human rights and justice. It is political victimisation, she said. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls Aseefa later tweeted that she went to see her father with a court order but hospital doors were locked and no patients were allowed in or out, the report said. Finally managed to enter only to find police blocking stairs and elevators. Waited for my father at the elevators when police decided to form a chain to stop me for seeing him. Stopped, Pushed, manhandled by police, she tweeted. Former prime minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, who accompanied Aseefa to the hospital, said “If something happened to Mr. Zardari, then we will hold the selected government accountable. Zardari’s son Bilawal Bhutto, who visited his father and paternal aunt Faryal Talpur earlier this week in the jail, accused the government of “attempting to kill” Zardari by denying him medical facilities in the prison. Zardari, husband of the country’s first woman prime minister Benazir Bhutto, was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in a corruption case on July 1. He was shifted to Adiala jail earlier this month. According to NAB, Zardari is being investigated for his alleged involvement in extending loans and other misappropriation by Parthenon Private Limited, Park Lane Estate Private Limited and others. The 11th president of Pakistan from 2008 to 2013 has denied any link with the fake accounts. He has said the allegation was part of a vilification campaign by Imran Khan-led ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party to malign the Opposition leaders.last_img read more

Now Public Demand Media Has Bigger Market Cap Than NYT

first_imgLast week, Google principal engineer Matt Cutts posted about changing Google’s algorithm in response to improving search results. “As ‘pure webspam’ has decreased over time, attention has shifted instead to ‘content farms,’ which are sites with shallow or low-quality content,” he wrote. “In 2010, we launched two major algorithmic changes focused on low-quality sites. Nonetheless, we hear the feedback from the web loud and clear: people are asking for even stronger action on content farms and sites that consist primarily of spammy or low-quality content.”Scout Analytics, a firm working with publishers to determine the revenue potential of their audience, has doubts about the long-term viability of the Demand model. “If you take what they say about uniques–86 million–and break down revenue per user, that’s $1.60 per user,” Scout Analytics senior vice president of strategy Matt Shanahan told FOLIO: last year. “Look at how many page views they have over a year and how many users they have to accumulate over time. All it takes is an SEO engine to change their algorithm and they lose their traffic.” Demand Media started trading on the New York Stock Exchange this week, making it one of the first IPOs of 2011 and certainly one of the largest media IPOs that will be seen all year. The company-which has a network of 13,000 freelancers generating thousands of articles for sites such as eHow, earning about $10 to $20 apiece–sold 8.9 million shares for $17 each earlier this week, up from the 8.6 million shares at $14 to $16 each originally proposed. Today, stocks were trading at $22.27, giving the company a market capitalization of $1.9 billion, exceeding that of the New York Times Co. at $1.5 billion.The company has bankers and giants singing its praises (Bloomberg Businessweek quotes Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg saying of Demand Media, “They really understand consumer behavior on the Web and how to build businesses on it”). Despite the accolades, Demand is still searching for a profit, posting a $6.3 million loss in the first nine months of 2010. And it may have to square off with the largest of all in the near future, one that happens to be supplying a potentially disproportionate amount of revenue for the “content farm.” last_img read more

Albertos Rains Bring Dangerous Floods Mudslides To Central And Eastern US

first_imgUpdated at 11 a.m. ETAlberto is pushing deeper inland after making landfall in the Florida Panhandle on Memorial Day, causing flash flooding, mudslides, downed trees and power outages through parts of the South, East and central U.S. and prompting officials to warn of a possible dam failure in North Carolina.The dam at Lake Tahoma in Marion, N.C., east of Asheville, was given the all-clear on Wednesday morning, after worries of an imminent collapse triggered a mandatory evacuation until an engineer could perform a safety inspection. The emergency has been canceled and the evacuation order was rescinded, McDowell County Emergency Management said in an update.Even with that reprieve, flooding and mudslides shut down highways in the mountains of North Carolina, west of Charlotte. The N.C. Department of Transportation said on Wednesday that even heavy trucks had been swept away by water.The Charlotte Observer writes:“Shortly before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, a mudslide closed both directions of Interstate 40 in McDowell County, according to McDowell County Emergency Management.No people or cars were trapped, according to a 10:26 p.m. tweet by Jeff Crum, chief meteorologist with Spectrum News North Carolina. ‘Details are subject to change as a better understanding of the unfolding situation is clarified by EMA folks in McDowell County,’ he added.”Flash flood warnings were issued for several other western counties in North Carolina, with the National Weather Service cautioning that resulting landslides and rapidly rising waterways have created a life-threatening situation.Separately, the NWS forecasts that the Catawba River, which runs west of Charlotte, will crest at 18 feet above flood stage by 7 a.m. Wednesday. Various Western North Carolina counties’ emergency services were taking half-hourly readings of the river where it flows by residential areas, according to Matt Bush of Blue Ridge Public Radio in Asheville.Although Alberto, the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, was downgraded to a subtropical depression soon after it made landfall on Monday, its affects have continued to be felt, even at the fringes of the system.Among other things, it has left 25,000 people in Alabama without power.“We’ve had a lot of rain, but we got lucky. It was a constant rain but not a heavy rain,” Regina Myers, emergency management director in Walker County northwest of Birmingham, was quoted by The Associated Press as saying.By late Tuesday, Alberto’s center was moving over western Kentucky.As we reported on Tuesday, a local news crew – a reporter and photographer – were killed in North Carolina while covering the storm when a tree fell on their vehicle. Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit Sharelast_img read more

Maruti Suzuki drives in new WagonR with bold stance

first_imgMaruti Suzuki India launched the 3rd generation WagonR. The big new WagonR is poised to impress customers with its bold design, enhanced space, comfort, next-generation infotainment system and advanced K-series engine offering excellent fuel efficiency and driving pleasure. A true tall boy, the big new WagonR has a robust body language with a wide stance, which makes it strikingly attractive.Maruti Suzuki and its partners have invested approximately Rs 670 crore for development of Big New WagonR. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfSince its debut in 1999, WagonR has over 2.2 million happy customers and it’s the first car for nearly half of them. The iconic car from Maruti Suzuki continues to feature among the top 5 best-selling cars in India for nearly two decades. The special unveiling of the big new WagonR was done jointly by Ranjan Kumar Mishra, Chief General Manager-SBI (Kolkata Circle) and Pankaj Prabhakar, General Manager (East) Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) along with General Managers, P Sivakumar and Mahesh Goel from SBI at SBI LHO on January 25. SBI emphasized the importance of finance in purchasing of the car. To take this strategic partnership to the next level, SBI has announced 100% on road finance for the big new WagonR to suit customer needs.last_img read more